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President at the Cabinet meeting:

Completing the value chain of minerals one gov’t priorities/ Gov’t to seriously pursue stability in economy/ First VP tasked with investigating scepticism raised about the 1401 entrance exam

Referring to the large market of energy carriers in the region, the president emphasised the necessity of planning to increase production and develop exports to neighbouring countries.

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Sun 03 - July 2022 - 21:22

Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasised the need to increase oil and natural gas production in order to meet the export needs, especially in the shared fields, and said, "The shared fields are the country's national reserves, and the government will spare no effort in protecting these reserves”.
“Fortunately today, with the initiative and efforts of my colleagues in the Ministry of Oil, the delays in extracting from the common fields have been compensated,” he said.
In another part of his speech, the President mentioned the operation of 209 industrial and mining projects at the same time as the National Mining and Industry Day and said, "Completing the links of the value chain of minerals is one of the government's important developmental plans. We have made serious planning in this field and it is necessary to explain the dimensions of this movement to the public opinion with the help of the media”.
The government's effort to stabilise the economy was the next focus of the president's speech in this meeting. In this regard, Mr Raisi emphasised paying special attention to people's livelihood, and said, "In addition to the mechanisms that are considered to compensate for the increase in prices due to the reform of subsidy allocation, it is necessary to have supervisory bodies, both inside and outside the government, to deal with price increases”.
On this basis, the President assigned the Ministers of Agricultural Jihad, Industry, Mines and Trade and Justice to deal decisively with the factories, guilds and producers who have stepped in the direction of instability and creating turmoil in the market and economy by increasing the prices without logic”.
In another part of his speech, referring to some allegations raised about the 1401 entrance exam, the president assigned a group headed by the First Vice-President to investigate the dimensions of this issue and said, "The entrance exam is a point of people's confidence in the mechanisms of evaluating and accepting students in the country and we should not allow any damage to this trust”.
In another part of this meeting, the president thanked the Central Bank for drafting and announcing the regulations for speeding up and facilitating the payment of marriage loans from "collaterals and guarantees" and "determining the limit of waiting time" and emphasised the supervision of the full implementation of these regulations.
The president also referred to the announcement of the teacher rating regulation and emphasised the need for strict and orderly implementation of this regulation, saying, "The rights of teachers will be ensured by the implementation of the rating law”.

news id: 137693

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