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Dr Raisi at the ceremony of National Day of Industry and Mining:

"Production" creates power for the country/ A comprehensive draft of the country's industry document has been prepared and is being finalised

The president announced the preparation of a draft of the country's comprehensive industry document by the government after the Supreme Leader's emphasis and said, "A good draft has been prepared in this field with the opinion of experts and it is being finalised".

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Sat 02 - July 2022 - 14:48

Speaking on Saturday morning at the ceremony of the National Day of Industry and Mining, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi thanked all the industry and mining executive in the country and said, "It has been 12 years since the Supreme Leader of the Revolution has considered economy as the focus of the naming of the years, and in the last 6 years, he has paid attention to production".
The President stated that production is one of the main axes of creating power for the country, and added, "The Popular Administration, following the emphasis of the Supreme Leader and the needs of the country's economic development, should support production, try to remove obstacles to production and emphasise the development of exports".
Dr Raisi described economic activists and producers as "officers of the production field and creation of national power" and stated, "The enemy is trying to hold the country back and weaken the components of power creation, of which production is one of the most important. Our duty against these efforts is to support producers and economic actors as officers of this field".
The president stated, "Activity in any field naturally has problems and difficulties, and economic actors and producers should know that success in production requires steely determination, careful planning and continuous effort".
Ayatollah Raisi emphasised the need to pay more attention to the development of knowledge-based activities with the aim of creating knowledge-based jobs and products, and said, "Knowledge-based products have the ability and capacity to be more competitive in the global and domestic markets".
The President stated that the National Day of Industry and Mining is a good opportunity to appreciate the efforts of producers and economic actors, to review the activities and achievements of this field, and said, "This gathering is the best place to describe and explain the harms and problems as well as providing solutions to overcome problems and obstacles".
Addressing the economic actors present at the ceremony, Dr Raisi stressed that you should not stop at this meeting to explain the problems and provide solutions, and that you should pursue the issue until the real and final solution of the problem, adding, "After the Supreme Leader emphasised in the meeting with the economic actors and producers regarding the compilation of the country's comprehensive document of industry, the government appointed a task force to prepare this document, which has been prepared in consultation with experts and is in the process of being finalised".
The president continued to mention revising laws and avoiding hasty decisions as necessary measures to smooth the path of production and stated, "The future must be predictable for economic and industrial actors so that they can plan for it".
Ayatollah Raisi continued by stating that he is a strong advocate and supporter of the agile government theory and clarified, "The government should leave its management in the economy and be in the position of guidance, support and supervision".
The president noted, "Work should be handed over to the private sector and the government should reduce its responsibilities and increase its monitoring and support".
The president emphasised the importance of increasing the quality and productivity of domestic products and added, "Every producer should redefine the problem of increasing productivity and at the same time find solutions to reduce production prices".
Dr Raisi mentioned the issue of crude sales as one of the other obstacles facing the country's industry and trade and said, "We must be extremely sensitive to the issue of crude sales because creating added value and employment will be possible in the light of pr

news id: 137680

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