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Ayatollah Raisi in the meeting of the board of trustees of Qarz al-Hasaneh funds and market trustees:

Qarz al-Hasaneh funds an example of good deeds, faithful help to fellow human beings

In a meeting with the members of the board of trustees of Qarz al-Hasaneh funds and the trustees of the bazaar with the President, the most important issues, problems and solutions to play the role of these funds in helping the government and reducing the problems of the people were discussed.

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Tue 28 - June 2022 - 20:35

In the meeting that was held before noon on Tuesday, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi pointed out that Qarz al-Hasaneh is rooted in the beliefs of the people, adding, "Today, Qarz al-Hasaneh funds are the example of good deeds and fruitful help to fellow human beings”.
Appreciating the services of Qarz al-Hasaneh funds and the sincere and valuable efforts of the managers of these funds, the President added, "In addition to providing services to the poor and needy, Qarz al-Hasaneh funds are also considered government’s assistants and the government also supports these funds".
Dr Raisi described the implementation of the instructions of the Monetary and Credit Council necessary to maintain the health of the funds and establish financial discipline, and emphasised, "Taking advantage of the consultations of the trustees of the funds, care should be taken not to damage the name of these funds and their services”.
Addressing the managers of Qarz al-Hasaneh funds, the President also said, "Considering the economic conditions of the country, Qarz al-Hasaneh funds should play a more active and effective role in helping to solve problems by increasing and developing services".

news id: 137577

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