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Joint press conference of the President of Iran and Prime Minister of Iraq;

Ayatollah Raisi: Top Iranian, Iraqi officials have deep, serious will to develop relations in all fields/ Facilitating pilgrims' travel to Imam Hussein’s (AS) shrine by Iraqi gov’t a commendable step/ Al-Kadhimi: We agreed to work together to bring stability, peace to region

Referring to the priority policy of the 13th Administration to expand relations with its neighbours, the President said, "Today, we see Iraq as the closest nation to the Iranian nation and we have the closest relations with Iraq in various fields".

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Sun 26 - June 2022 - 21:36

Speaking in a joint press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi on Sunday afternoon, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi expressed his satisfaction with the Iraqi PM’s visit to Iran, saying, "Iran's relations with Iraq are not ordinary and traditional, but very deep relations that are rooted in the ancient culture and common beliefs of the two nations and the two countries, and today the high officials of the two countries have a deep and serious will to develop relations in all areas”.
Referring to the priority policy of the 13th Administration to expand relations with its neighbours, the President added, "Today, we see Iraq as the closest nation to the Iranian nation and we have the closest relations with Iraq in various fields. We have the closest and deepest relations with Iraq among our neighbours”.
Ayatollah Raisi said, "In today's talks on political, economic and trade relations between the two countries, we agreed to expand the interactions between the two countries in these areas”.
The President said that in talks with the Iraqi Prime Minister, it was agreed to speed up the implementation of the Shalamcheh-Basra railway connection project, noting, "The operation of this project has a great impact on facilitating and increasing relations between the two countries”.
Dr Raisi also stated, "In the negotiations between the two sides, it was decided to take new steps to facilitate monetary and banking relations between the two countries”.
In another part of his speech, referring to the desire of the Iranian people to visit the shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) and the holy shrines, the President stated, "Facilitate travel of Iranian pilgrims by the Iraqi government and Mr Al-Kadhimi, and allowing Iranian pilgrims to easily visit the holy shrines, especially the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (AS), is a commendable action”.
Ayatollah Raisi continued, "It was decided that the Iraqi government provide more facilities for the pilgrims during Arba’een, and that the Arba’een pilgrims will be able to travel to Iraq easily through the air and land borders due to the improvement of the situation of coronavirus”.
Referring to the Iranian and Iraqi officials’ emphasis on strengthening relations between the countries of the region, the President said, "We believe that the talks of the countries' officials can solve the region's problems, and we stressed that the presence or interference of outsiders in the region does not solve any problem, and therefore we stressed the need for the officials of the countries in the region to negotiate to solve problems and issues with each other”.
Ayatollah Raisi stressed the need to resolve the problems of the Yemeni people as soon as possible and establish a ceasefire in the country, saying, "Lifting the siege of Yemen and the Yemenis, and the Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue can solve the problems of this country and end the suffering of the dear Yemeni people”.
The President said, "Without a doubt, the continuation of this war is fruitless and will not result in anything but the suffering of the Yemeni people, so this war must be ended as soon as possible and the ceasefire can be a step towards resolving the issues”.
Dr Raisi emphasised, "The Zionist Regime's efforts to normalise relations with the countries of the region will not provide security in any way. Iran and Iraq emphasise the need for peace and stability in the region and we believe that peace in the region happens through the role-playing of the officials of all countries in the region and normalisation of relations with Israel or the presence of foreigners in the region will not solve any problem, but instead will add to the problems”.
The President added, "Good bilateral and regional relations between Iraq and Iran can be very effective in role-playing of the two countries in the region and international issues”.
Ayatollah Raisi emphasised, "Iran is by Iraq's side in difficult days and we will always stand by each other. The interest and relationship between the two neighbours will never turn cold, and the relationship between them is improving day by day. Undoubtedly, the visit of Mr Kadhimi, the Prime Minister, and his accompanying delegation to Iran could be a turning point in the relations between the two countries”.
Referring to the historical, cultural and religious relations between Iran and Iraq, the Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, said at the press conference, "During the talks, we discussed ways to improve the level of bilateral relations”.
The Iraqi Prime Minister described his country's relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran as very important and added, "Today we agreed to strengthen trade relations between the two nations and countries within the framework of common interests”.
Al-Kadhimi stated that the two countries also agreed to set a time frame to facilitate the pilgrimage of Iranian pilgrims who intend to visit the shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) during Arba’een, saying, "Until now, Iranian pilgrims could only obtain visas at Iraqi airports, but in recent weeks we have made it possible for Iranian pilgrims to obtain entry visas at border crossings with a certain number in terms of the number of pilgrims, albeit at the present time”.
He emphasised that during the Arba’een pilgrimage, we will serve the pilgrims with all our might and we will welcome them.
"In another part of our talks, we discussed the challenges that the region is facing," he said, adding, "We agreed to work together to bring stability and peace to the region”.
We talked with the Iranian President about the crucial issues facing the nations of the region, al-Kadhimi said, adding, "The two countries agreed to announce their support for a ceasefire in Yemen and the need for a dialogue to end the war that has caused a lot of troubles for the people of this country”.
"We also agreed to make joint efforts to meet the challenges of food security posed by the Ukraine war," he said.

news id: 137551

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