President's emphasis on informing public to clear up all ambiguities of economic reform plan

"A large part of the people became aware of the government's plan, but there is still some ambiguity that needs to be addresssed by reasoning," the President said, advising officials to implement a plan to distribute subsidies fairly.

Sun 15 - May 2022 - 21:57

Speaking on Sunday at the cabinet meeting, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi thanked the Supreme Leader for his support and emphasis on public support for the successful implementation of the government's economic programmes and said, "People's cooperation and help to the government for the implementation of the economic reform plan is truly commendable and despite the efforts of the opposition media around the clock, the conscious and vigilant people of Iran stopped them from achieving their goals".
Dr Raisi added, "During the cyber attack on the gas stations, which caused a temporary disruption in the systems and was controlled with the timely efforts of the relevant officials, they wanted the country to become inflamed and chaotic, but with God's attention and the vigilance of the people, they failed".
The President thanked the government's economic team and all the officials who are in charge of implementing the fair subsidisation plan, and talked about the points in this regard, and said that these points guarantee the government's success in implementing this plan.
Ayatollah Raisi called the intensification of supervision in order to control prices very necessary and stressed, "No goods and services should under any circumstances exceed the prices approved by the Market Regulation Headquarters".
Dr Raisi stressed the need to continue to explain in detail how the subsidies are distributed, their dimensions and effects to the people, and said, "Many people became aware of the government's plan, but there is still some ambiguity that must be addressed by reasoning".
The President also mentioned with confidence in the stocks of basic goods in the country that all those who are in the first to ninth brackets and are entitled to receive subsidies will definitely receive subsidies and there is no need to worry.

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