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Market Regulation Headquarters convenes with President taking part;

Ayatollah Raisi: People's support for the plan to make subsidies fair commendable, worthy of appreciation

After hearing the latest reports on the implementation of the national plan for fair subsidies, the President called on the relevant authorities to address the requests of those who have not received subsidies as soon as possible and in a fair and orderly manner.

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Fri 13 - May 2022 - 21:46

Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi described the role of people in accompanying this praiseworthy national plan in a meeting of the Market Regulation Headquarters, which was held with the First Vice-President, ministers and officials of the relevant agencies, before noon on Friday.
President called the fair and disciplined handling of the requests of those who have not received the subsidies one of the most important tasks of the related agencies and instructed the relevant authorities to identify those who are really entitled to receive the subsidy and to compensate for them as soon as possible.
Dr Raisi stressed the need for fair indicators in determining the brackets for receiving or not receiving subsidies and said, "The whole mission and goal of implementing the plan to distribute subsidies fairly, is to establish economic justice in the country, so the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare and other relevant agencies should determine the rights of individuals and be careful not to violate anyone's rights".
Referring to the sufficient volume of stocks of basic goods in the country, the President instructed the related agencies to take the necessary measures to optimally manage the distribution of goods in all parts of the country to prevent any increase in prices above the approved price.
Ayatollah Raisi pointed out, "Government ministers as well as the media should explain to the people the various aspects of the implementation of this plan, which will lead to justice in the distribution of subsidies and the elimination and eradication of absolute poverty in the country".
The President called on the Minister of Agricultural Jihad to take necessary measures to eliminate some of the problems in the field of shortages and distribution needs of basic items needed by the people, especially the four basic items, namely oil, dairy, chicken and eggs".

news id: 136354

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