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President in a cabinet meeting:

People should be informed about the legal requirements for reforming the subsidy payment system

President called the justification of the subsidy distribution system a national decision and a necessity for the country's economy, emphasising the need for consensus of all government departments in the implementation of this plan.

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Wed 11 - May 2022 - 16:45

Speaking in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi called the reform of the economic system and the equitable distribution of subsidies the current important agenda of the government and stressed the need for a precise explanation of the issue and persuasion of public opinion.
The President said, "Our dear people are intelligent and insightful, and if the requirements of the implementation of the 1401 budget law and the government's plans to organise the country's economy are properly explained to them, they will certainly cooperate in this regard".
Dr Raisi stated that people should be aware of the need for the reform of the economic system and changing the approach to paying subsidies.
The President said that the plan for fair distribution of subsidies is based on the policies and laws passed by the parliament and the necessity of the country today, which has been discussed for hours.

news id: 136309

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