Baking Iraq's stability, security Iran's top policy/ US forces' withdrawal from Iraq result of Iraqis' resistance

Speaking in a meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein on Thursday, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi expressed satisfaction with the peaceful and secure parliamentary elections in Iraq and said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported the formation of a strong parliament and government in Iraq."

Thu 23 - December 2021 - 17:42

The President added, "Protest against elections can occur in any democratic system, and it is important that both the protests and their handling are carried out in legal processes".
Emphasising that we consider any insecurity in Iraq as insecurity in our country, Dr Raisi said, "Creating insecurity and threatening stability in Iraq is not acceptable and Islamic Republic of Iran considers supporting stability in Iraq and the authority of the Iraqi government as a top policy" .
Referring to the withdrawal of US forces from the country, the President said, "This success is due to the resistance of the Iraqi people and officials".
Thanking the Iraqi government for its efforts to repatriate Iran's ambassador from Yemen, the President said, "The relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq is based on friendship and deep and wide religious, doctrinal, cultural and historical commonalities and is special in bilateral, regional and international relations".
In this meeting, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein appreciated the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in resolutely supporting the stability and security of Iraq, and said, "The support of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the sovereignty and political stability of Iraq has always been appreciated by the Iraqi government and people".


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