I urge officials to talk to the people about gov't plans, involve them/ Gov't priority in implementing developmental projects in the provinces to complete half-finished projects/ Fars province is one of the best places to invest

The 13th government sees no need to explain the situation of the country in which it took office, said the President, adding, "Our work in this government is based on resolving the country's problems in action and give people hope instead of explaining the status quo".

Fri 15 - October 2021 - 09:09

Speaking on Thursday night at the meeting of the Administrative Council of Fars Province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi referred to the reports submitted by a number of ministers and the Vice-President for Executive Affairs on the approved plans and measures planned for the province, and said, "Explaining these plans and the measures taken are done with the aim of creating a common feeling among local officials and national officials to implement these plans and solve the problems of Fars province".
The President said, "In implementing its plans for the development and prosperity of the country, the 13th government has considered the full capacity of the government and all institutions, and if we want to be more comprehensive, presenting a report on the resolutions of provincial trips in the administrative council meeting is to create a common feeling in the whole system".
Ayatollah Raisi said that the 13th government counts specially on the participation of the people in the implementation of its programmes, saying, "I urge all officials working in executive organs to talk to the people about their plans and programmes and involve them in the process".
The President went on to say that the government's priority in implementing developmental projects in the provinces is to complete half-finished projects, adding, "Saving the country's economy depends on the prosperity of production".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "Fars province has proved that it is powerful in the production sector and I urge the heads of banks to direct the granting of loans towards production".
Referring to the concern about the increase in liquidity in the country, Mr Raisi said, "The concern is that the increase in liquidity will lead to intermediation and brokerage, but if the liquidity is directed towards production, its increase will not cause any concern".
The President continued his speech by emphasising that Fars province has many attractions in the fields of pilgrimage, health and tourism that need to be activated more, saying, "Fars province's infrastructure and capacity in the field of tourism is excellent and if activated, it can have a great impact on the economic prosperity and development of the province".
Ayatollah Raisi also referred to the capabilities of Fars province in the field of cultivation of medicinal plants, agricultural products and petrochemical products, especially in the field of downstream products, adding, "Iranians inside and outside the country should know that Fars province is one of the best places for safe and guaranteed investment".
The President said, "I urge the governor-general of Fars to use the thoughts and ideas of all the educated and experts of the province to design solutions to the current situation, and Fars province can be a model in this regard".
Mr Raisi continued by stating that in the thirteenth government, we preferred to solve the problems in practice instead of talking about the situation in which we took office, saying, "There is no need to explain the status quo of the country, and anyone who looks at their livelihood understands well what we are facing".
At the end of the meeting, Ayatollah Raisi referred to his recent meeting with the Supreme Leader of the Revolution to present a report on his performance and receive guidance, saying, "I told him that the more time passes from my tenure as the President, I see a brighter future, and he also told me at the end of that meeting that he deeply believed in this view".

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