Fars province the cradle of Persian civilisation, culture, literature/ Approval of 100 projects with more than 6 trillion tomans of credit for the province/ We try to solve part of the water shortage problem with fair distribution of available resources

Referring to his visit to the cultural and historical centres of Fars province, the President said, "Although the government is focused on the livelihood of the people, it will never neglect the priority of the cultural field."

Fri 15 - October 2021 - 09:26

Speaking at Thursday night at the end of his visit to Fars province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi talked in a press conference about the results and achievements of the trip, saying, "Fars province is the cradle of Persian civilisation, culture and literature and the effects of this civilisation can be seen everywhere in the province".
The President said, "During the analysis of the needs and priorities of Fars province, several half-finished projects in the field of water supply, agriculture, mining, industry and tourism were identified in the province, which have remained idle despite spending financial resources, and the government's priority is to complete these projects and put them into operation".
Referring to the approval of more than 100 projects for Fars province in several meetings between government officials and managers of Fars province, Ayatollah Raisi said, "About 6 trillion tomans of credit has been considered for the implementation of these 100 projects".
The president said that the governor-general and the vice president for executive affairs are responsible for following up the implementation of these resolutions, adding, "A significant part of the province's problems are due to the drought. The government has set up a committee to solve the problem of drought in the country, which will also follow up on the problem of water shortage in Fars province".
Referring to the ministers' reports on the plans and programmes of their ministries for the province in the meeting of the Administrative Council, Ayatollah Raisi said, "We emphasise that these issues should be raised in the meeting of the Administrative Council to help create a common feeling among all agencies and let the people know about the government's plans and programmes for their province".
Saying that Fars province is a cultural hub and strengthening this hub is a national and cultural duty, the President said, "This rich culture must be strengthened and passed on to future generations".
Emphasising that Fars tourism capacities should be activated more than before, Dr Raisi said, "Fars province is also an important hub for agricultural production and the province's position in the field of agriculture should be strengthened".
Stressing that the provision of loans should be directed towards production so that the increase in liquidity does not cause inflation and recession, the President said, "Today, the main priority of the government is to boost production in the industrial, agricultural and mining sectors".
Ayatollah Raisi mentioned the development of communication infrastructure, especially the expansion of railways and roads, as one of the government's other priorities for Fars province, and said, "The 100 projects planned for implementation in the province will not solve all the province's problems, but will only seek to solve those ones that have more priority and importance".
The President called on all officials to work for job creation and economic prosperity, saying, "It is very painful for an educated young man to be unemployed. All sectors must feel responsible in this regard, and job creation is not the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Labour".
Creating jobs does not mean increasing the number of government employees, said Dr Raisi, adding, "Employment creation can be considered realistically and correctly when it leads to prosperity and increase in production".
Ayatollah Raisi also talked about his visit to the historical and cultural monuments of Fars province, saying, "Solving livelihood problems should not prevent us from paying attention to cultural issues in any way. In the thirteenth government, the field of culture will never lose its priority".

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