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Dr Rouhani in the last cabinet meeting of the 12th gov’t:

During all these years, all we said was nothing but the truth/ I did not tell people some of facts so that national unity would not be harmed/ Statistics show well how successful this gov’t has been

President said that everything we told people from the past years until today was not against the truth, adding, "We told people the truth, of course we did not tell people part of the truth and in my opinion, we could not tell them because I did not find them useful and I was afraid that a very lofty goal that we should all pursue, which is national unity, would be harmed”.

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Sun 01 - August 2021 - 11:20

Speaking on Sunday in the last meeting of the Council of Ministers in the twelfth government, Dr Hassan Rouhani emphasised, "We endured many issues and did not respond to many criticisms in order to maintain national cohesion and national unity in the country”.

Stating that the people are well aware that the conditions of this government in the first 4 years were not the same as the second 4 years, and said, "In the first 4 years, we had better conditions in terms of domestic, international, social capital, people's hope for the future. The second 4 years the situation was slightly different”.

The President added, "In the first 4 years, we were in the era of interaction with the world and we were completely confident that we are on the other side of the table for negotiation with wold powers, and I had no doubt that we would not fail in negotiations with the world and you saw that with powerful diplomats and lawyers, we achieved victory in critical moments, and you saw the effects of these victories”.

Pointing out that if it were not for the imposed economic war, we would have continued the path to success, Dr Rouhani said, "In the difficult conditions of sanctions and economic war, we banned the import of 2,500 types of goods, including cars, and the result of this import ban was the high price of these goods”.

We do not say that we did flawless work; we certainly had flaws and defects, he said, adding, "If we had any shortcoming and flaws, we ask people’s forgiveness and mercy”.

He also referred to the inaugurations every Thursday throughout the country, saying, "These achievements are undeniable and will remain in the history of the country”.

Thanking the vice presidents and ministers for their work and efforts in the difficult conditions of the country, Dr Rouhani said, "If one wants to judge this government, they should consider the economic war, COVID-19 and the drought”.

“I apologise to the people of Iran for their suffering and thank them for their victories,” Dr Rouhani said, adding, "The achievements of this government are because of the great Iranian nation and the guidelines of the Supreme Leader”.

He also went on to state, "I wished to equip the Army and the IRGC with the most modern weapons, and the Minister of Defence and the Armed Forces’ Logistics can testify that I was pursuing this very closely”.

The President said, "According to the framework set by the Supreme Leader, we could have implemented the JCPOA and lifted the sanctions, but we were stopped somewhere else”.

news id: 122409

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