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President at the cabinet meeting:

Martyr Qasem Soleimani was a national hero, a brave, unique moderate leader with tact/ US President, Secretary of State among the main perpetrators of this crime, brutal assassination of Martyr Soleimani/ Zionists, Americans the only ones who enjoy chaos, war, insecurity in the region

The President described Martyr Qasem Soleimani a national hero, and a brave, unique commander, with tact and -in the true sense of the word- moderate, and stressed that the President and the US Secretary of State are among the main perpetrators of this brutal crime and assassination, and our nation will not give up until they take revenge on his blood as its right.

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Wed 30 - December 2020 - 11:57

Speaking in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "The martyrdom of Martyr Soleimani was revenge against the Islamic Republic of Iran, independence of regional countries and revenge against those great nations that stood against the conspiracies of the United States and Zionism and foiled that conspiracy".

The president called the ISIL terrorist group a handful of Zionist and American mercenaries in the region and stressed, "They did not want the ISIL to end like this, they wanted ISIL to take over the region, and that is why when they were wounded, the Israelis would take them to their hospitals, healed them and re-equipped them".

Dr Rouhani said that the only ones who benefit from chaos, war and insecurity in the region are first the Zionists and then the Americans, adding, "No one in the region would benefit from an insecure in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen or Afghanistan".

The president added, "They wanted to take revenge on a great man who stood tactfully against their plots. Some people think that Martyr Soleimani was a unique, brave general, which is true, but it is not only courage, but also his wisdom is also important".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "I got acquainted with Martyr Soleimani in the war and since 1983 during the Holy Defence, and since 1997 and 1998, when he took on new responsibilities, we would meet each other almost every week. During my presidency, we had many meetings in various fields". 

"He was a man of prudence, he understood things perfectly, he was a man of analysis, he understood the politics of the region and the world, and he was literally moderate, neither right, nor left," said the President.

The President emphasised, "No party or faction can consider Martyr Soleimani as its own, Martyr Soleimani is a national hero and an honour for the whole Iranian nation, for the nations of the region and for the revolutionary Muslims. Of course, they wanted to take the national hero from us, but I believe they made a mistake. This national hero of ours became an eternal hero, and forever in our history, Martyr Soleimani is one of our great historical heroes".

The President said that the people of the whole region owe a lot to Martyr Soleimani and he has made great efforts to establish security and peace in the region, adding, "The cruel ISIL who were trained by the Arrogance and the Zionism wanted to disrupt peace and security of the region, and the United States, Zionism, and those whose interests were at stake in the region took revenge on Martyr Soleimani for thwarting their plots".

Dr Rouhani said that the first response to the White House executioners was given by the Iraqi people at the glorious funerals of Martyr Soleimani and Martyr al-Muhandis, saying, "The funeral of these martyrs in different cities across Iran were historic days and a strong slap on the American criminals".

The President called the Iraqi parliament's decision on the need for American troops to leave the country an important step taken by members of the Iraqi parliament and said, "The enemy's goal was to break the resistance in the region with the martyrdom of Martyr Soleimani, but it was the other way around and the spirit of resistance in the region boosted".

Stating that Martyr Soleimani became eternal and today the path of resistance continues with the same enthusiasm until the complete withdrawal of the Americans from the region, Dr Rouhani said, "As I said after the martyrdom of Martyr Soleimani, I emphasise again that if you cut off Martyr Soleimani's hand, we will cut off your leg from the region and we will continue the resistance until that day".

The President added, "One of the effects of this stupid and disgraceful act was that Trumpism ended and in a few days, the life of this criminal will end and he will go to the dustbin of history, and we are very happy about this and we believe that the period after Trump will be a better condition for regional and global stability".

Emphasising that we must produce and sell oil, and this is our right, the president said, "If we can get our right back a moment earlier, I will not doubt it and do our best to make it happen".

news id: 118892

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