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President at the cabinet session:

The end of Trumpism a great manifestation of Iranian nation's victory, certain and definite defeat of enemy in economic war/ Tehran's policy: commitment for commitment, action for action, tension reduction for tension reduction, respect for respect, int'l commitments for int'l commitments

Appreciating the resistance of the Iranian nation in the three-year economic war against the Trumpists, the President stated, "One of the great manifestations of the victory of the Iranian nation and the certain defeat of the enemy in this economic war is the end of the Trumpism era."

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Wed 25 - November 2020 - 14:15

Speaking in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "In the history of Iran, we had two Holy Defences, an 8-year Holy Defence against the Saddamists and a Holy Defence against the economic war of the Trumpists, and thank God, our nation won both wars".

Referring to the East and the West supporting Saddam's aggressor regime in the 8-year war, the President said, "In this recent 3-year economic war, we were almost alone and no one helped us, but it was our workers, farmers, exporters and production workers as soldiers of the front line".

Dr Rouhani referred to the end of the Trump era and his crimes against the Iranian nation and said, "This man committed the worst crimes in the history of the United States against independent nations, especially the people of Iran and Palestine and other nations, and his defeat was due to his failure in international communities, legal authorities, moral standards, world public opinion, and the American public".

The President added, "This man committed inhuman, terrorist and cruel acts against the Iranian nation even during the outbreak of coronavirus and increased his pressure on our country every day".

Dr Rouhani stated, "The reasons for this person's failure were his wrong foreign and health policies, racist actions and his unreliability. He continued his demagogic and populist path, and thank God that this evil was erased from the American people and the people of the region".

"We hope that the next administration will explicitly condemns Trump's policies against Iran and make up for its anti-human rights and terrorist acts, the wrong policies pursued by the previous government over the past four years in its first steps," the president said, emphasising that the next administration must take great steps to make up for past mistakes and all that has tarnished America's image.

Emphasising that the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran are completely clear, Dr Rouhani stated, "The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as it has repeatedly emphasised, is commitment for commitment, action for action, reduction of tension for reduction of tension, respect for respect and international commitments for international commitments. If there is such a will in the coming American administration, I think it is very easy to settle the problems".

"Iran and the United States can both decide and announce that they will return to the terms of January 20, 2017, and this can be a great solution to many issues and problems, and completely change the course and conditions, and then we can continue taking the next steps on different issues".

Dr Rouhani said that the government's plans are not based on what tomorrow will be like, but are based on difficult conditions, adding, "The government has developed a 9-month plan based on difficult conditions".

He said, "Issues that people have are because of the unjust and inhumane pressures of the White House, and those circumstances will change whenever they return to their international obligations".

news id: 118307

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