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President at the session of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

Activities must return to normal state/ Public places can continue activities with paying attention to health recommendations/ Spreading fear, attempting to halt country's activities a plot by enemies

President described the report by the Minister of Health and Medical Education in harnessing and attempting to eradicate coronavirus promising and said, "From Saturday, activities across the country must continue like previous weeks and spreading fear and attempting to halt the country's activities is the enemies' conspiracy".

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Tue 25 - February 2020 - 20:38

Speaking on Tuesday evening at the session of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, President Hassan Rouhani appreciated the hard work of all doctors, nurses and medical staff across the country and said, "The decisions made by the task force are binding and unnecessary gatherings will be closed down".

"In today's session, I emphasised to the Minister of Health and Medical Education that whatever medical personnel at hospitals need for their protection must be prioritised and provided as quickly as possible," said the President.

He also described the report by the health minister promising and said, "The report states that the virus is being controlled and number of people going to hospitals has reduced dramatically".

"I want to emphasise that all health facilities and our caring personnel are trusted by all people and they have always been active at all junctures," he said.

Dr Rouhani continued, "A few months ago when Influenza Type B was threatening our society, then worked hard and controlled the virus, and now we are sure that these personnel will control the situation in the shortest time possible".

He continued, "The necessary instructions will be issued by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the reference for people must be the IRIB".

 "Activities throughout the country must continue like the previous weeks and months, but in public situations people have to exercise the health and medical care," he said.

The President also added, "In schools, high schools, universities and work places, everybody should pay attention to health recommendations, but we must all continue our work and activities, because it is one of the enemies' plots to spread fear in our country and close down the country".

He added, "We must all be careful and if we saw somebody suspected of having coronavirus, they should be taken to the hospitals, which are fortunately well-equipped".

"If we need hospital beds, the armed forces are ready to provide it; if there is an urgent need for mobile hospitals, they are ready to provide it," he said.

President Rouhani also said, "The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade also assured us that all producers of disinfectants, detergents and masks are active, and they are working 24/7".

"Of course, our people are aware that a few people wanted to take advantage of the situation and stockpile some of these items, which the police has reported and they have been dealt with," said the President.

He continued, "The National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus recommends people not to hold unnecessary gatherings".

Referring to the task force's decisions, he said, "Everyone must consider these decisions binding. Regarding its religious aspect, because these decisions are endorsed by the Supreme National Security Council and the Supreme Leader, we have to abide by them".

The President added, "From Saturday, activities across the country must continue like previous weeks, unless there is a special situation".

Dr Rouhani continued, "It is also necessary to educate people about it. Fortunately, the experts and IRIB have been active in this regard and they must tell people the reality".

news id: 114050

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