Inflation trend downward, economic growth upward since April/ Salary employees’ payment to boost next year/ We should run the country based on our own capabilities

President said that the inflation trend has been downward and economic growth upward since April, adding, “The path that the government and the state are on is right; at the same time, you are right about having hardships, but these conditions are made by the enemies and we did not start this”.

Tue 12 - November 2019 - 11:11

Speaking on Tuesday at the session of Administrative Council of Kerman Province, President Hassan Rouhani said, “We have to run the country based on our own capabilities”.

“Next year, salary employees’ payment will increase and we have decided to provide people with support packages,” he continued.

Referring to the importance of guiding human beings in the right direction, President said, "It is easy to disappoint, defame, and discredit someone, but who can return the credit that a medium, individual or tribune has taken away from a person?”

The president added, "It is never right to make people worried about the future; to tell them that the way you have chosen is not right and the way we say is; this means arrogance and there is no arrogance higher than this”.

The President noted, “The whole path that Quran charts for us is to succumb to the right; Islam, the Islamic Revolution, the dignity of the Iranian people, the realisation of the rights of the people, resisting the pressure of foreigners and unity are the right. It is also right and necessary not to lie and defame others”.

Dr Rouhani continued, “Let us all unite and join hands in this week, which is the week of unity and happiness, and take the right path”.

He added, “We all know that our country is not in normal conditions. A person who is not familiar with budget and economy may say that not selling oil is not very important, but the truth is that these great God-given resources are here for us to use”.

“After the sanctions were lifted because of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), many of our oil wells needed to be repaired. In the early 2016, we spent $800 million for repairing these wells, and that year, we had the highest rate of oil sells,” he continued.

Stating that paying tax is a religious duty for everybody, Dr Rouhani said, "One must not think that evading tax makes them clever. The Supreme Leader said in a meeting that all authorities must tell people that paying tax is a religious duty”.

He added, “If we were in normal situation, we would sell $60 billion oil a year, but the country needs rials to be managed, and we need to supply that, while 30 per cent of the country’s financial resources are supplied through tax”.

Dr Rouhani reiterated, "People must cooperate and pay their taxes, by which they receive services such as security, health and the environment".

Stating that people’s purchasing power has declined in the years 1397 and 1398 due to the enemies’ sanctions, the president said, "The government has taken steps to solve the problems, including a 20% increase in salary employees’ payment for next year”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "We must run the country based on our abilities and capabilities to meet the needs of people's lives".

Dr Rouhani said, "I was attempting round the clock for the JCPOA not to break, while some did not care about the deal. According to officials and entrepreneurs, all the projects that are currently being unveiled in the country are because of the JCPOA”.

“It was because of the pressure from the Zionist Regime and the Saudi money, as they themselves said, that Trump was forced to withdraw from the deal,” he said, adding, “This indicates the importance of the JCPOA and that they saw it so dangerous for their own purposes that it made our enemy unite in trying to force the United States withdraw from the deal”.

Dr Rouhani said that the Americans thought that with their withdrawal from the deal, Iran would immediately do the same, and that they could take Iran’s case to the Security Council and present Iran as responsible for breaking the deal

He added, “But Iran did not withdraw from the deal and waited a year and gave the other sides several opportunities, and today no one in the world can blame Iran for reducing its commitments”.

 “The path we have chosen is resistance, steadfastness and reducing our JCPOA commitments alongside negotiating with the world,” he said.

Dr Rouhani added, "We have not abandoned the option of negotiation and we have not relied solely on it”.

He continued, “We have agreed on the principles in the negotiation process now, but we have disagreements on how they should be implemented”.

The president pointed out that in the coming months as we get closer to the election, some tones are usually sharpened because political competition, saying, "We must not let the ill-wishers use this opportunity to sow discord among us".


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