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President at the ceremony for government’s achievements in developing rural infrastructure:

Fast development of villages a great achievement for gov’t/ If we want security, production we need vibrant, prosperous villages/ Services of Interior, Agriculture, Education ministries in villages immense/ Village tourism developing greatly

President said that the removal of the gap between the rural and urban societies is one of the fruits of the Islamic Revolution, adding, “14 thousand villages until year 1392 and over 14 thousand villages in this government have been given access to natural gas, and I am proud that the fast development of villages is one of the great achievements of the Government of Prudence and Hope”.

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Mon 26 - August 2019 - 10:33

Speaking on Monday morning at the ceremony for government’s achievements in developing rural infrastructure, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Today, cities and villages are at the same level with regard to legal and social affairs, and more welfare for villagers and their access to energy, healthcare and communications services are the main priorities of this government”.

“The government spares no effort for the development of villages,” he said, stating that the fast development of villages has been a top priority for the 11th and 12th governments.

He added, “Before the Revolution, there was a wide gap between the rural and urban societies, as if urban society had a privilege over the rural one”.

Stating that this was one of the main reasons for villagers immigrating to cities, he said, “But today, there is no such belief because of the efforts made after the Islamic Revolution”.

Today, our villages are on the right path of development and advancement, he said, adding, "With the efforts and work done, villagers are connected to the urban society and they have no problem accessing to information".

The President continued, "Communications has turned the world into a big village," adding, "Telephone and internet connection have made a huge change in rural life and economy"

He added, "Today, villagers are able to introduce themselves and have direct presence in the market through networks and startups," stating that, "We are producing 0.5 million tonnes of oil seeds".

Dr Rouhani continued, “In no country, 84 per cent of villages and around 100 per cent of cities are connected to the natural gas network like Iran”.

“In some parts of the country, communication services and infrastructures have caused reverse immigration to villages,” he added.

The President continued, “Every week, 99 villages are connected to the National Information Network,” adding, “The government has put a lot of efforts on vibrance and prosperity in villages”.

Stating that, “Supplying power to nomads through modern technologies is on the government’s agenda,” he said, “Under enemies’ pressures, the only option is to develop the country and increase production”.

“If I think that meeting with someone can resolve my country’s problems, I will not hesitate, because protecting the national interests of my country is a principle for me,” he said.

On the intensified sanctions against the people, he said, “While we will withstand these sanctions, we will retaliate and reduce our commitments, but we will open the door for negotiation and diplomacy”.

Power and diplomacy must work together; none can achieve results,” he added, saying, “After negotiations with the 5+1, we pushed 30-year resolutions aside, an immense amount of assets was unfrozen and oil exports returned to its previous state”.

“Some keep asking that what was the result of negotiation with major powers? After the negotiations, we were exporting over 2.8 million barrels of oil, and billions of dollars of our assets came back toe the country,” said Rouhani.

He continued, “Some do not say a word about foreign investments made in our country, but when foreign investors leave the country, they start criticising about them leaving”.

news id: 110940

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