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President at the session of Administrative Council of North Khorasan:

Let’s not waste energy; we need to stand together now/ Our conditions tougher than war era, but we’ll definitely win/ US left alone in exiting nuclear deal/ Our enemies following an amateur team in White House

Stating that the more foreign pressures increase, people’s presence will increase as well, President said, “I tell you that our conditions are tougher than the war [with Iraq] era, but we’ll definitely win this war through resistance”.

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Sun 14 - July 2019 - 19:52

Speaking at the session of Administrative Council of North Khorasan Province on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani said, “I swear to God that the government has attempted with all its might in these hard conditions”.

“Let’s not waste our energy,” highlighted the President, adding, “In today’s tough times that we are facing the enemies’ pressures and sanctions, we all need to stand together and exercise unity and solidarity”.

Stating that today is the Day of Dialogue and Constructive Interaction, he said, “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) made international organisations and world powers admit to Iran’s righteousness”.

“The abolition of six UNSC resolutions with a single agreement was unprecedented, I would like to thank foreign minister and his colleagues,” he said.

The President went on to say that Iran did not violate its commitments, saying “The party that violated its commitment is the United States, and it could not reach any legal success against Iran”.

He stressed that despite all their efforts, the Americans have not been able to advance their goals, saying, “The United States failed in the IAEA, The Hague, Warsaw, and all stages against the Iranian nation, and this is a great victory for the Iranian nation”.

“In nuclear negotiations, Iran’s political and legal power was proved to the entire world,” he said, adding, “If the JCPOA was to our detriment, the United States would not withdraw from it 14 months ago”.

Dr Rouhani added, “The only country whose right to enrichment of uranium is recognized by the United States Security Council is Iran”.

Saying that, “The JCPOA paved the way for faster opening of 14 phases of South Pars Gas Field,” he continued, “The production of petrol has increased two-fold in this government”.

“After the JCPOA, our oil and condensates export increased to 2.8 million bpd,” said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On the reasons for the withdrawal of the US from the deal, he said, “The Zionist Regime, especially the wicked Netanyahu announced many times that the United States’ withdrawal from the nuclear deal was the result of their pressures”.

“Also, the Saudi prince said that it was because of his pressures that Trump withdrew from the deal,” said Rouhani, stating that today, the United States do not even respect their own allies.

Stating that the US failed to force others to follow him and was left alone in exiting the JCPOA, he said, “We are an experienced nation against an amateur government in the US. We gave the other parties to the JCPOA to compensate the US’ withdrawal, but the Europeans did not want to, or could not, live up to their commitments,” adding that Russia and China took some steps in this regard and have good cooperation with Iran.

The President said, “They thought that Iran would immediately withdraw from the deal to give them the chance to restore UN sanctions and resolutions against us”.

“We have changed our strategic patience into countermeasures and stressed that we will act based on what the other party does,” the President continued.

Dr Hassan Rouhani also said, “In dealing with the JCPOA, we will follow the path of violation against violation and implementation against implementation”.

The dear people of Iran have reached the conclusion that one cannot yield to the pressures of bullies, he said, adding, “We are always ready for negotiation. The moment you stop sanctions and bullying, we are ready to negotiate”.

news id: 110394

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