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President in a meeting with energy minister, deputies, managers:

Supplying water, power essential for people’s security, calmness/Managing water resources should be based on draught/Media should promote right culture for water, power consumption/Restoration of Lake Urmia saved 14m people

President described water and power as two infrastructural and vital needs of the people and stressed the importance of supplying water and power for people’s security and calmness.

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Mon 31 - December 2018 - 11:11

Speaking in a meeting with Minister of Energy and the ministry’s deputies and managers on Monday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “The right way of water consumption and not wasting it is very important and the media should promote the right culture for water and power consumption”.

He went on to refer to the Supreme Leader’s remarks on right consumption of power, saying, “Managing water resources of the country should be based on continued draught and in doing so, the most important step is to minimise wasting water and power”.

The President added, “Water and power are two infrastructural and vital needs of the people. Air and oxygen is the first need of human beings, but maybe the second important thing is water”.

Describing water and power as things that bring security for the people, he continued, “While visiting the central power control of the country, I realised that great things have been done for balancing production and consumption”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the 24-hour blackout in London that drove the country to the edge of collapse, saying, “These problems happen in every country, but fortunately, it hasn’t happened in Iran for 15 years, so we need to thank all people at work in the power industry of the country”.

He went on to state that the water we have should be managed well, saying, “Cloud seeding is not the ultimate solution for tackling water shortage”.

“Electricity loss in the power system of the country has decreased to 11 per cent from 15 per cent,” continued Rouhani.

The President also said, “This is very important and we need to put decreasing the loss in water and power industry top in the priority list to reduce the amount to a single-digit figure”.

On the role of the state media and other media in promoting the right way of consumption, he said, “In the peak hours, we have to consume lesser”.

“Smart systems can help our country save more power, so we can offer incentives to houses to encourage people to use smart systems,” he continued.

The President also called on the industry sector to help the country save more power during the summer times and peak hours.

He also referred to the importance of calculating the efficiency of farming and agriculture in the country, saying, “We also need to investigate if cultivation of fruits and vegetables inside the country is efficient  and if it is not, we have to rent farmlands in other countries”.

“For example in Thailand, they are cultivating rice 3 to 4 times a year and we need to see if rice cultivation in our country is efficient or we need to rent lands in other countries,” he added.

The President also said, “We need to encourage farmers to cultivate crops by making the deal profitable for them”.

Dr Rouhani underscored the importance of greenhouse farming and modern irrigation systems, saying, “If we reduce agricultural water consumption by 10 to 20 per cent a year, it will have good effects”.

He stressed that sometimes dams have negative climatic impacts, saying, “What the government did by restoring Lake Urmia was saving 14 million people”.

“The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is one of the achievements of the government, the positive effects of which will remain forever,” he said.

President Rouhani continued, “During the past five years, the government was able to construct 2,000 kilometres of railroad and this is more than 20 of the entire railroad constructed in the country so far”.

Dr Rouhani said, “A great deal of work has been carried out in the water, electricity, gas, roads, communications, health and education sectors”.

“We can export our electricity to other countries and our neighbours and if we can exchange electricity with other countries in the region, we can connect to great networks in Asia and Europe,” he said.

news id: 107447

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