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President addressing parliament while submitting 1398 budget bill:

98 budget drafted considering unjust US sanctions/Sanctions aimed at affecting country’s development, people’s welfare/Sanctions not ineffective on people’s lives, but US will definitely fail/Economic reform dependent on reform in banking, tax system

President said that the United States’ anti-Iranian sanctions are aimed at affecting country’s development and people’s welfare, and that Washington will definitely fail in reaching that target, adding, “1398 budget bill has been drafted considering unjust US sanctions”.

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Tue 25 - December 2018 - 08:58

Speaking before the parliament on Tuesday morning while submitting 1398 budget bill, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Sanctions are not ineffective on people’s lives, but the US will definitely fail in reaching that target”.

“We will overcome problems with parliament’s help, people’s support and the Supreme Leader’s  guidance,” continued Dr Rouhani.

Expressing condolences over the passing of Ayatollah Sayyid Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi and congratulations on the birthday of Jesus Christ (PBUH), the President continued, “I am grateful to God that we are submitting next year’s budget bill on time like previous years”.

He also said that year 1398 budget bill is being submitted during unjust US sanctions and pressures, adding, “This year’s Dey month will be a month full of blessings for people”.

“In the beginning and end of last year’s Dey month we encountered some problems that made Americans think wrongly and take new stances against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the nuclear deal,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani went on to say, “The main goal of the United States by these conspiracies and sanctions and pressures, which are directly aimed at the great Iranian nation, peoples of the region and economic and commercial companies of the world against all international regulations, is to bring the powerful Islamic Republic of Iran to its knees”.

Stating that the Americans consider the powerful Iran their biggest obstacle in this critical region, he said, “Therefore, whenever we have been able to do something great in domestic advancements, they put obstacles on our way because they are afraid of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s capabilities”.

The Americans will fail in reaching their goals and the Iranian nation will foil their plots, he said, adding, “But without a doubt, pressures and sanctions will affect our country’s development and people’s lives”.

“We were able to reduce our negative economic growth to positive figures with each other’s help,” continued the President.

Rouhani added, “What the US was hoping to achieve for year 1397 was two things: first, making the Iranian people hopeless of future of the system and the country, and second, to make people believe that the system is dysfunctional and that the situation is out of control of the government”.

Some spoke of hyperinflation and that Iran would become like Venezuela, said Rouhani, adding, “Some friends echo enemies’ words in hard times, which will have dangerous effects on people and the system”.

“The negative effects of our economic system’s old structure is felt more during sanctions,” he continued, saying, “If our economy’s structure was correct, we would be able to draft the budget bill without relying on oil revenues”.

He added, “If the private sector was more active in the economy, the negative impacts of sanctions would be lesser”.

The President continued, “With the help of the heads of the other two branches, we are more determined to reform the banking system”.

Stating that dealers pay the least taxes, he said, “Whoever has more income must pay more tax”.

“To counter corruption and rent seeking, we have no way but transparency and finalisation of e-government,” said Rouhani, stressing that the positive thing about last year’s budget bill was public criticism.

He also said that the country is being managed in an expensive way, adding, “We are spending 4 times more than the private sector for each student in a year”.

“Good foreign relations is what it takes to counter sanctions,” added Dr Rouhani continuing, “The US has been hatching plots against us for four decades, but they are the most isolated country in the world”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say that the US and its followers are alone in withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), adding, “Sanctions, the faulty economic structure, psychological war and foreign relations took their tolls on economic problems”.

news id: 107398

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