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President at cabinet session:

Governor-generals gov’t senior representatives in provinces/Women, young people’s demands right; ministers, governor-generals should stress meritocracy/We should back each other in hard times/Construction industry boosts employment, people’s welfare

President urged all governor-generals around the country to work harder to advance developmental projects and plans as senior representatives of the government in provinces.

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Wed 12 - December 2018 - 12:14

Speaking in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “One of the heaviest responsibilities of the Interior Ministry after the enforcement of the law regarding the retired was appointing new governor-generals, which is very important for the government and people”.

“Governor-generals are the top authority of all affairs in a province, and the reason for discussing and giving them vote of confidence in the cabinet is that the entire cabinet should support them,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said, “For centuries in the history of our society, women have not been able to get their rights easily, while from the Islamic point of view, gender cannot be the basis for human dignity or human virtues or closeness to God”.

On the importance of the level of women in the society, the President said, “One of the promises that I made during my campaign was the level of women in the society and the government supporting them, giving management positions to them”.

The other promise I made was taking advantage of young people in management positions, and today, you see that our competent young people are successful in all affairs, including science, technology, industry and agriculture”.

“I have always urged all ministers and vice-presidents to choose at least some of their deputies and advisors from women, young people and different ethnic groups; this has been stressed by me and I emphasise this again to governor-generals,” he continued.

Referring to the sanctions and the problems they have made for the people, he said, “Economic and psychological war are kinds of war and we cannot say that everything is OK”.

“In these hard times, we must all support each other with unity. One of the most important things is to do something so that people do not have problems for having access to basic goods,” the President continued.

Stating that the construction industry boosts employment and people’s welfare, he said, “Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mr Eslami has made a big promise that in the coming two years, around 900,000 houses will be constructed, 500,000 of which will be completed and 400,000 of them built from scratch”.

“This is a very high number and it means that he wants to attract all constructors into action. The construction industry is a very wide industry and can create many job opportunities and increase people’s welfare,” he continued.

He added, “Municipalities should help us a lot in this regard because their responsibility is very important and we should be able to witness satisfactory figures for employment next year”.

On the heavy responsibility of Tehran governor-general, he said, “The majority of foreign diplomats visit Tehran and see the entire Iran through Tehran, and fortunately, everybody who visits Iran sees the greatness of Iran and the people”.

The President went on to refer to the enemies’ attempts to promote Iranophobia, adding, “Cleanness, traffic and architecture in Tehran are very important alongside accommodation for foreign guests”.

He added, “Fortunately, Dr Bandpei is one of the figures that has always been successful and active wherever he was, and I have no doubt that he will change the face of Tehran city”.

On Alborz Province, he said, “Alborz is a province that is completely connected to Tehran and what happens in Alborz will have effects in Tehran, and vice-versa”.

“It is essential that the Plan and Budget Organisation work harder to finalise roads in this province so that the traffic load is decreased,” the President continued.

Alborz is one of our major provinces, he said, adding, “Fortunately, Mr Shahbazi has serve the country well and I hope that he fulfils his responsibilities as the Governor General well”.

 On Semnan Province, Dr Rouhani said, “Semnan is the junction of east, west, north and south and is a very important province”.

We need to take advantage of Caspian Sea as it is our legitimate right, said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

news id: 107240

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