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President speaking at Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution:

SCCR symbol of Imam Khomeini’s emphasis on cultural identity of Islamic Revolution/Scientific power creates national pride/Stressing pathology of performance, effectiveness of council

President said that the goal of the Founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini (RA) by forming the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution was development of science and culture, adding, “Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution is one of the valuable things left by the Late Imam Khomeini (RA”.

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Tue 11 - December 2018 - 23:50

Speaking at the meeting of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution late on Tuesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani added, “Imam Khomeini considered culture the identity and people’s support what leads us to victory and the survival of the Islamic Movement”.

He added, “In national and religious occasions like Bahman 22, Ashura and Arba’een, we always see the affection of the society towards the culture of martyrdom and the causes of the Islamic Revolution in the country and around the world”.

“Today, over 3000 knowledge-based companies have been created and supported, which in addition to job creation, have 12 billion dollars of turnover,” continued Rouhani.

On scientific growth of the country, he said, “With regard to science, we have had acceptable growth, of course we expect to see scientific theorization in sciences that are more of foreign origin”.

news id: 107231

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