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President at the end of branch heads’ meeting:

3 branches heads discuss domestic, regional economic, political issues/Budget bill to be submitted to parliament soon/Despite US’ efforts, people calmer after Aban 13/Export rose 13% this year

Stating that the heads of the three branches discussed major political and economic issues at domestic and regional levels, President said, “Regarding economy, we had set a framework in the past weeks, covering budget as well”.

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Tue 11 - December 2018 - 10:59

Speaking on Tuesday at the end of the meeting of the heads of the three branches –Executive, Judicial and Legislative- President Hassan Rouhani said, “We had a meeting today based on what the Supreme Leader had told us recently, and discussed the ways of operationalising the policy”.

“Of course, we will have other meetings in this week as well, and by next week, we will finalise what the Supreme Leader has told us,” he continued.

The President also said, “Within the same framework, some amendments may be needed to be made to next year’s budget and the draft will be submitted to the parliament”.

Addressing the great people of Iran, he said, “After Aban 13, the Americans expected to witness a turmoil in the economy of the country, but the great people and all business executives acted in a way that fortunately, everything turned upside down”.

“The Americans wanted to watch us have other problems in the economy, market, foreign exchange, and everything, but fortunately, the Central Bank and other economic sectors and the great people acted in a way that it is tangible for the entire world and the inside that people are calmer today after what happened in Aban 13,” he continued.

All we are trying to do is do everything for this calmness to continue to be able to reduce the burden on people, said Rouhani adding, “This year, our export has increase 13 per cent compared to last year”.

He continued, “In today’s meeting, we also discussed oil sales with the Minister of Petroleum and, thank God, we are in good conditions in this regard”.

“What the Americans was aiming for was to stop our oil exports and I want to say this clearly to people that our oil exports are way better after Aban 13. Oil ministry’s report today was promising as well,” added Rouhani.

He continued, “So, the Americans have been unsuccessful in their plans for our oil, and they tried a lot in the OPEC to do something not to let OPEC members’ oil production decrease, which fortunately didn’t happen”.

Stating that the oil sales process will be the same after the meeting, Dr Rouhani continued, “Fortunately in regional issues, what is being done is beneficial for the peoples of the region”.

“In Yemen, those who wanted to occupy the country, are feeling today that they have no option but to approach the Yemeni’s with peace and we have always been supporting Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue,” he said adding that the signs of more peace in the country were more.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said, “In Syria, the conditions are moving towards more peace and this is the indication of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s success in regional issues”.

news id: 107220

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