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President at the meeting of development and elites of Semnan Province:

Moral commitment key for healthy economy/All banks should help gov’t for solving economic issues/Iranians won’t sell their independence under hardships/Semnan has ample potentials for development in industry, tourism, transit

President described hoping in the future as the most important thing that the country needs right now, adding that in the current situation, everybody must join hands in solving the issues.

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Wed 05 - December 2018 - 07:59

Speaking that the meeting of development and elites of Semnan Province on Tuesday night, President Hassan Rouhani continued, “Economy won’t work without the moral activity of banks and all banks should give a hand to the government in resolving the economic issues”.

Some only see the dark side, he said, adding, “It is true that we have problems and our country is under sanctions and a superpower like the United States and an evil regime like the Zionists Regime are hatching plots against the people of Iran and some countries, despite having Islamic names and good and Muslim people, are hatching plots against our country”.

“Therefore, our country is not in normal situation, but we must all join hands and work for the country’s development,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said, “At the beginning of recent US conspiracy, ministers, advisors and economists backed unification of exchange rate “.

Stating that, “If everybody helped, unified exchange rate would be possible to implement,” he continued, “If everybody join their hands, we can supply our country’s needs, but during the unification process we realised that some have taken foreign currency from the central bank under the name of importers and investors, but they sold those currencies in the open market, beginning corruption”.

“It is very important to note that in this satiation, we need to help each other to be able to resolve the issues,” continued Rouhani.

He added, “We are a noble, pious people, but there are some people who do not observe all moral and religious principles”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say, “The government is not able to remove all economic and financial problems alone and all banks should help the government”.

Stating that today, a great responsibility is on the shoulders of banks, he continued, “The economy of our country would work without the activities of the banks and they should help the government more so that we can resolve the issues”.

“The government established constructive interaction with the world and many investors came to Iran,” the President said, adding, “Some remained silent when foreign investment came, but shouted when they withdrew”.

He also continued, “US and Zionists were concerned about our country’s development after JCPOA and hatched plots”.

President Rouhani also underscored that we must all endure the hardships of sanctions, saying, “Iranians won’t sell their independence under the pressure of hardships”.

He also said that, “Semnan has ample potentials for development in industry, tourism, and transit,” saying, “Semnan Province has many natural and historical attractions that must be taken advantage of. Tourism can make this province more developed”.

news id: 107093

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