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President at cabinet session:

Production, employment, harnessing inflation main axes of next year’s budget/Ethnic, religious diversity in Iran an opportunity/Border provinces should provide factories with raw materials/Protecting tourism attractions, environment in North essential

President stressed that development of production and employment, harnessing inflation, supporting the low-income classes and supplying people’s essential needs were very important, saying, “These are the main axes of next year’s draft budget that government has prepared so that people can feel safer”.

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Wed 28 - November 2018 - 12:21

Speaking in a cabinet session on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani referred to the selection of the new Governor Generals for the four border provinces of East Azerbaijan, Mazandaran, South Khorasan and North Khorasan, and said, “Border provinces have a very heavy responsibility during the sanctions”.

He also went on to underscore the importance of activating border markets more than before, saying, “In the past few days, we have made decisions for providing loans to free trade zones so that they can import goods without transferring foreign currencies”.

Dr Rouhani also said that border provinces should provide factories with raw materials, adding, “Production, particularly in industry and services, is very important and they sometimes need foreign materials, goods and services, and we have to provide them facilities to foster production inside the country”.

Stating that ethnic and religious diversity in Iran is an opportunity, he continued, “Provinces that enjoy ethnic diversity should consider this as an opportunity rather than a threat”.

“During the days that some wanted to create problems for our country, diverse ethnic groups supported the state and it was revealed that those anti-revolutionists that wanted to plunge the country into turmoil were unable to ride on this waver,” he said.

The President also added, “Diversity in language, customs and traditions promote social vitality,” stating, “We must all be proud of being Iranian and Muslim”.

President stated, “Tabriz is the centre of trade, tourism, industry, technology and sports activities of the country.

“East Azerbaijan Province and Tabriz have a special location, and we are always proud of Azerbaijani people’s bravery and resistance,” he continued.

The president emphasised, “One of the things that the 11th and 12th government are proud of is that by restoring Lake Urmia in the Azerbaijan region in the northwest of Iran, people’s life was guaranteed”.

“Fortunately today, we have good relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Iraq, which are the neighbours of East Azerbaijan Province,” he continued.

Stating that, “Protecting tourism attractions and environment in Northern provinces is very essential,” he continued, “Gilan Province will be connected to nationwide rail network soon”.

news id: 107001

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