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President in a press conference at the end of his visit to West Azerbaijan Province:

Undoubtedly, Iranian people will continue the path of development with unity, empathy/Model unity, solidarity of religions, ethnic groups in W. Azerbaijan priceless/Tourism a key priority for development in province

President stated that today, everyone will work together to teach a lesson to the enemies to let them know that they cannot treat the Iranian nation cruelly, forcing this great nation to surrender under pressure and threats.

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Mon 19 - November 2018 - 23:55

Speaking on Monday in a press conference at the end of his visit to West Azerbaijan Province, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “Without a doubt, the people of Iran will continue the path of development and progress with unity, empathy and helping each other”.

He said, “In this visit, good decisions were made for the development and prosperity of the province and I hope that we can realise all of them with each other’s help”.

“Linking Urmia to the nationwide railway was a very important issue that can have an important effect on the development of the province,” he continued.

Appreciating all executive organs, the armed forces and the media for their hard work during the government’s visit to West Azerbaijan Province, the President added, “In these historic times, the media have a heavier responsibility”.

 He then stressed the model unity and solidarity among all religious and ethnic groups in West Azerbaijan Province, saying, “This is priceless and can be a model for other issues”.

Dr Rouhani added, “One of the great potentials in the province is its mines and it enjoys special capabilities that should be able to easily export its productions”.

news id: 106912

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