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Dr Rouhani at the meeting of Development and Elites of West Azerbaijan Province:

Iranian nation capable of turning threats into opportunity/Border provinces can turn sanctions into new opportunities/Our relations with neighbours historic, US can’t affect them/Gov’t imperfect; we’ve been able to create great changes when people alongside gov’t

President Rouhani stated that today, not only the government, but also the entire nation are being tested against the unjust US actions, adding, “There is no doubt that the Iranian nation are capable of turning threats into opportunity”.

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Mon 19 - November 2018 - 21:08

Speaking on Monday at the meeting of Development and Elites of West Azerbaijan Province, President Hassan Rouhani added, “Our border provinces can take advantage of the ample potentials and advantages, especially in exports and neighbourliness with other countries to turn sanctions into new opportunities”.

The President also stated that today, the unjust pressures has affected the entire Iranian nation, saying, “The current conditions are a historic test for the entire Iranian nation and everyone should resist this conspiracy and I have no doubt that the people of Iran will be proud after this test like all the other tests”.

“Today is the day of pressure and conspiracy against the entire Iranian nation and we all should resist this conspiracy and, without a doubt, the Iranian nation has the power to turn the threat that a few countries have begun into opportunity,” added the president.

Dr Rouhani also said, “Our country has many good potentials and all provinces, especially those which are located along the borders, should take advantage of these potentials to the benefit of more development and prosperity”.

Referring to West Azerbaijan Province sharing borders with the Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iraq, Dr Rouhani said, “Fortunately today, we have very close relations with the governments and people of these three countries and this province can take advantage of these good relations to its progress and prosperity”.

“In border provinces, we should make attempts to alleviate the pressure of sanctions with regard to the potentials that these provinces have to turn sanctions into opportunity”.

He continued, “The US claims that it enjoys presence and impact on all parts of the world, but they cannot impose their will on other nations to be able to affect the future of all friendly and neighbouring countries from the other side of the world”.

Tourism is the great cultural potential in West Azerbaijan Province, said Rouhani, adding, “In addition to creating many job opportunities, tourism can have impact on cultural interaction among nations. Good work has been done in this field and we should boost tourism in our country more than before”.

On health tourism, the President added, “Construction of well-equipped hospitals in border areas can have a good effect on health tourism and today, many Iranians living in the US and Europe visit Iran for surgical procedures and Iranian specialist doctors are famous worldwide”.

He went on to refer to Lake Urmia and the commitment of the government to its revival, saying, “The government will definitely fulfil our commitments in this regard. The most important thing that the government has done in this field is stabilising the lake”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say, “The government is imperfect, but we’ve been able to create great changes when people have been alongside the government”.

news id: 106897

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