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President speaking at cabinet session:

Aban 13 turned into day of Islamic Republic solidity/Iranians said no to foreign dominance seekers/We responded to US clearly, firmly by selling oil/The path US chose wrong; they’ll definitely fail/Solution to Palestinian situation respecting Palestinians, holding free elections

Appreciating the people of Iran for keeping vigilance in Aban 13 and the days after, President said, “Aban 13 turned into the day of the solidity and strength of the Islamic Republic”.

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Wed 14 - November 2018 - 13:54

Speaking on Wednesday at the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Dr Hassan Rouhani continued, “Iranians said it clearly and firmly with a loud voice that they do not accept domination seekers, and this is an honour for us”.

He continued, “Those in the White House thought that they could start the end of the Islamic Republic of Iran through putting pressure on the Iranian people and making them hopeless”.

“People may have complaints; it is OK to voice their criticism with a loud voice. We should stand firmly together and help each other. But standing against a bully in the world and showing that they will not be affected by their negative publicity is a great victory”.

Stating that there are hardships and economic issues in the society, he continued, “When people stand up to the conspiracies of the United States, they are proud and this is a great honour for us in this critical condition”.

Dr Rouhani went on to say that the world knows that the path the US has chosen is wrong, adding, “They thought that they could stop Iran’s oil export but they understood in the last days that this is not practical and possible”.

“Above all, the Americans found out that we will sell our oil and the Ministry of Petroleum gave the important signal inside the country, making Americans understand that we will sell our oil and whatever they do is ineffective,” he added.

“It may be hard for us, but the Ministry of Petroleum, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Economy, the Plan and Budget Organisation, and other ministers and officials, will firmly stand against the United States”.

Emphasising that the United States will fail in this path, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran continued, “If they are right in saying that they want security for the region, this is not the way. If they are honest in saying that they respect the Iranian nation and history, this is not the way. They have chosen a wrong path”.

Dr Rouhani also said that everyone now believes that the Americans do not respect international rules and regulations and added, “Today, it is clear for everyone that these unjust sanctions are against the great people of Iran”.

“If the US thinks that they can eradicate the people of Palestine and the history will forget the Palestinian refugees, if they think that by strengthening the Zionist Regime they can bring the people of Gaza to their knees, they are making another grave mistake,” he continued.

The President added, “The solution to the issues of the region is respecting the rights of the Palestinian people and holding free elections in the region”.

President Rouhani went on to say, “The nations of the region are always seeking their own independence and interests, and the Americans and Zionists are not able to suppress the great nations of this region and continue the wrong path of the Zionist aggression in the region”.

“The Palestinian people and the peoples of the region are with the Iranian nation, and we are, as before, supporting the oppressed peoples, including the Palestinian people,” added Rouhani.

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