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President at cabinet session:

People attending Arba’een procession showing power to enemies of Islam/Serving Imam Hussein’s (AS) pilgrims a great honour for 12th Gov’t/Gov’t not afraid of US’ threats/Americans can’t decide for great peoples of region

President Rouhani described people’s attendance in Arba’een procession as the display of power to the enemies of Islam and said, “Imam Hussein’s (AS) Arba’een has many spiritual, political, regional and global benefits”.

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Wed 31 - October 2018 - 15:01

Speaking in a cabinet session on Wednesday morning, President Hassan Rouhani added, “Serving Imam Hussein’s (AS) pilgrims is a great honour for the 12th Government”.

He went on to appreciate the people of Iraq for hosting Iranian pilgrims, saying, “The people of Iraq, especially the people of Karbala, have always been good hosts for guests throughout the history during Arba’een and these days are the days of affection and brotherhood of the two nations”.

Dr Rouhani appreciated all executive agencies, ministries of interior, health and medical education, petroleum, energy, roads and urban development, Red Crescent Society, law enforcement, municipalities and religious groups all over the country for their hard work during Arba’een.

In another part of his speech, the President also referred to Aban 13 (Nov 4), international day of fighting global arrogance, and added, “Aban 13, was basically the day of fighting capitulation for the independence of the Iranian nation against US aggression”.

The government is not afraid of US threats at all, said Rouhani, adding, “Maybe in the recent months, situation has been tough for our people, but the government is making its best to reduce problems and we won’t let this trend continue”.

Stating that one of the reasons for reshuffling the cabinet was to work better in resolving people’s problems, the President said, “Many great countries in Asia, Europe and other continents have sent messages to tell Iran that they will stand by us”.

“The new US plot against Iran will definitely fail and they are stepping back; first, they said they would reduce Iran’s oil export to zero but they then said that Iran’s oil export can’t be reduced to zero in November, and then they said that Iran’s oil can’t be reduced to zero and we want to simply reduce Iran’s oil export,” added Rouhani.

Addressing Americans, he said, “You can neither stop Iran’s oil export, nor reduce it to the amount you want; you want to irritate the Iranian nation; of course, people of Iran are mad at the US and its crimes, not at their own government”.

Stating that people of Iran love their country, Dr Rouhani added, “We tell our business partners that this US pressure is transitory and our relations with you are permanent. Americans will shout a few days, but they will go. They cannot decide for the region and the great nations”.

news id: 106717

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