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President at parliament session for vote of confidence to 4 proposed ministers:

Economic issues, psychological war aimed at making people disappointed about future/We all must join hands in beating US in political, economic, social fields/Solving issues people’s right, our duty/Hyperinflation an illusion, it’s got no economic base

President described the aim of creating economic problems and psychological war to disappoint people from the future and said, “In political, economic and social fields, we should all stand together to bring the United States to its knees”.

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Sat 27 - October 2018 - 14:12

Speaking on Saturday in a parliament session for vote of confidence to four proposed ministers, President Hassan Rouhani also referred to the Arba’een Pilgrimage and said, “At a time when enemies have planned conspiracies against us, making 13 Aban a code for their criminal acts, our people’s glorious procession means deep bonds with the progeny of Prophet Muhammad”.

Appreciating the speaker and members of the parliament, the President added, “I appreciate extraordinary session of the parliament in this critical period to help the government complete its cabinet”.

“Politically, we have won an unprecedented victory over US conspiracies,” said Rouhani, adding, “It is very rare to see US traditional allies leaving abandoning them in such an important decision it has made”.

He continued, “Who would imagine that in just a few months, the representatives of the Iranian nation win cases in three great legal arenas?”.

In political and legal stages, at least, the people of Iran are winner and the public opinion of the world consider the US a country that does not live up to its commitments and does not keep its promises and international regulations”.

Dr Rouhani also went on to state that in countering US’ economic and psychological war, we need to stand together, saying, “Without a doubt, the government is at the forefront of this significant historic war, but winning this war won’t be possible with the support and help of the parliament, the judiciary, armed forces and above all, the guidance of Supreme Leader”.

He also said that the government was happy that the Supreme Leader is guiding the society in this critical period, saying, “Today, we want to appoint four officials to the cabinet with your vote of confidence, so that the government will be able to resolve all people’s problems”.

“There is no doubt that people want us to resolve problems and this is their right and our duty and we are responsible to resolve all these problems with unity and integrity,” he continued.

The President also continued, “Today, the people of Iran will see that the government and parliament are together and they are determined to resolve all people’s problems one after the other”.

He said that despite all propaganda of the United States and the Zionist Regime, “Iran is one of the cheapest countries in the world in terms of education, health, energy and people’s basic needs”.

“I announce explicitly here before the representatives of the Iranian people that we will resolve these issues with unity, integrity and steadfastness,” continued Rouhani.

Stating that hyperinflation is an illusion, Dr Rouhani added, “Hyperinflation is economically and politically baseless. We will be able to harness inflation and this rising inflation will not continue”.

Stating that the reserves of basic goods have not been this much, he continued, “Self-sufficiency in energy is the sign of sustainable economic growth and cooperation of government and the parliament”.

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said, “We need parliament’s help for repairing the cabinet more than ever”.

“The United States proved that its animosity is not just towards the government and the system, but also with Iran and Iranians,” he said, adding, “With its harsh sanctions against people’s lives, the United States is undoubtedly the greatest enemy of the Iranian nation”.

news id: 106671

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