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President in a meeting with social science scholars:

Role of university in resolving social issues pivotal/As a social reference, academics responsible to providing real interpretations to society/Providing solutions along with posing issues imperative/Social capital should be boosted through public trust

President described the role and mission of universities, professors and students in accelerating the process of resolving the problems of the society pivotal and very important, saying, “Sometimes, the reality is different from what people interpret and feel and academics, as a social reference, are responsible to provide real interpretations to the society”.

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Tue 23 - October 2018 - 14:51

Speaking in a meeting with social science scholars and researchers on Tuesday, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Sometimes, we encounter interpretations of the realities of the society that have little to do with reality”.

“We should make attempts to bridge the gap between the reality and people’s interpretations of that reality to increase hope in the society,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also went on to say, “Today, we need to increase social capital through boosting public trust more than before, because the decline of social capital can be the greatest issue of the society, which itself originates from the decline of trust”.

Stating that the university should act independently and announce the outcome of its research, he continued, “We acknowledge the independence of universities and their scientific and research reviews”.

The government is not perfect and there may be some issues and mistakes along with its achievements, said Rouhani, adding, “We all should seek solutions and enter the arena, discussing the issues”.

“We are a powerful country and some must not be allowed to paint a bleak picture of future for the people,” he continued, saying, “Our society mustn’t be worried about tomorrow”.

On the complicated regional and global conditions, the President said, “Special conditions are happening around Iran and our reactions in different regional fields have been appropriate and thought”.

He continued, “The administration that has taken office in the United States is unprecedented in its animosity towards Iran and Iranians, but despite all their efforts, they will fail to reach their goals, as it has been the case so far”.

Referring to Iran’s legal achievements in international communities against Washington’s cupidity, he said, “The US has failed with regard to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and Trump’s failure in the UNSC and UNGA sessions indicated that our foreign policy enjoys wisdom, integrity and precise planning”.

news id: 106629

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