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 President at cabinet session:

Trustworthy exporters pioneers of countering sanctions/Improving business conditions in current situation should be followed carefully/Gov’t seeking securing export cycle in all its currency, export policies

Stating that in the current economic war and sanctions threat the main goal of the enemies of Iran is to hinder Iran’s export and presence in the world economy, President said, “In this field, our trustworthy exporters are the pioneers of countering sanctions”.

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Sun 21 - October 2018 - 22:42

“Our country’s exporters can protect  employment and domestic production through keeping the market of Iranian products alive and establish Iran and Iranians in the global markets,” said President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday at the meeting of the cabinet.

He also said, “With the return of the currency earned from export to the economic cycle of the country, their production and export cycle will continue”.

“In all its currency and export policies, the government has sought to protect the export cycle of the country using trustworthy exporters’ advice,” said Dr Rouhani.

Stating that improving the business conditions is one of the priorities of the government, President Rouhani said, “To do this, cooperation of the private sectors and chambers is essential”.

He continued, “The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance is tasked with holding dialogues between the government and the private sector and provide the government with the opinions of the private sector”.

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