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President at a meeting with a number of economists and economics professors around country:

With precise planning, US cannot continue its anti-Iranian policies in the long run/We are really hopeful of future/We need to boost hope within society/Gov’t has many plans to deal with psychological and economic wars of enemies and solve problems/ We will not have any problems in supplying people’s basic needs

President emphasised the need to strengthen hope within the society to defeat the enemies in the psychological and economic war, saying, “In spite of its difficulties, these times shall pass, and with the precise planning that has been done, the United States will not be able to continue its anti-Iranian policies in the long run.”

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Mon 15 - October 2018 - 16:02

Speaking on Monday at a meeting with a number of university professors of economics, President Hassan Rouhani said, "I am hopeful of a better future. Without a doubt, all compassionate participants expressed their expert opinions for the system, the country and the government, and these meetings should continue to be held”.

The president added, "I also call on the government officials to follow these meetings in various economic areas”.

Dr Rouhani said, "During the entire five-year activities of the government, I have had two business meetings with officials, managers and economic advisers weekly, and no decision has been made in this government without consulting the experts”.

Pointing out that we should strengthen hope in society and social capital more and more, he added, "We are not in critical situations, but the situation is not normal, and in making decisions and announcing positions and views, these conditions should be taken into account”

“Along with expressing the right concerns, solutions and operational suggestions should be presented to address these concerns,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani said, “The government has many plans to tackle the psychological and economic wars of enemies and solve the problems, but the economy of the country is suffering from chronic diseases”.

Referring to the government's achievements in reducing inflation, creating economic growth and dismantling unauthorised credit institutions, the president said, “During the 11th government's term of office, the reason for the decline of inflation was the financial discipline of the government, and despite the hardships and under no circumstances, we created money or borrow from the central bank”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, “The government has planned to provide basic goods in even more difficult conditions”.

In another part of his remarks, the president referred to an economist’s remarks, saying, "The point that the economy won’t get better by arresting is right, but we sometimes come up with cases that are regrettable and hinder our work to regulate the economy”.

At the beginning of the meeting, which lasted about 3 hours, a number of economists expressed their views on the country's economic problems with the President in a cordial atmosphere.

news id: 106517

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