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President at SCCR session:

Closer industry, agriculture links with research, technology sectors imperative/With universities’ more work, key part of production sector’s basic needs can be met

President described closer links between industry and agriculture with research and technology sectors of the country very essential for development of the production chain.

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Tue 09 - October 2018 - 18:06

Speaking at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution on Tuesday, President Hassan Rouhani also said, “The great work universities did during the Sacred Defence era indicates that with harder work and efforts on the part of the academic and research centres, a great part of the production sector’s basic needs will be met”.

He also referred to the conspiracies and plots of the current US administration and a couple of other governments to spread false news and wage psychological war with the aim of creating despair and apprehension in people, describing start of the academic year as a great opportunity to enlighten and inject hope to the society .

news id: 106458

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