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President in a meeting with reformists:

Keeping, enhancing public trust, confidence the main gov’t duty/ICJ ruling a great victory for the Iranian nation/I consider reformist friends alongside gov’t/Today we’re in the midst of a full-scale economic war/Dr Mosaddegh stood against Britain; this gov’t stood against US, its sanctions

The president described maintenance and promotion of public trust and hope as the main responsibility of the government and those who care about the government and the country, adding, “The government and all political factions and institutions and different sectors of the state should maintain and promote public trust and hope, as it is the most important capital of the country and the state”.

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Thu 04 - October 2018 - 08:00

Speaking in a meeting with a group of reformist political activists on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani appreciated the support and efforts of reformist political activists towards the eleventh and twelfth governments, saying, "I have always considered reformist friends alongside the 11th and 12th governments”.

The president added, “My reason for running for the 2013 elections was that I believed that the country had to be saved from those conditions and the deadlock it was in, because at that time Iran was in conflict with not only the United States, but also Europe and other countries and the Security Council under false pretexts”.

The president continued, "If it was not for the government’s efforts, the JCPOA would have been lost even before the withdrawal of the United States".

“Another important point was that if we did not act based on prudence after the withdrawal of the United States, today we would not have been in a good condition, and the countries that are now standing up to the United States, accompanying us, would be standing against us”.

He continued, "Today, we are in a very critical moment. The eleventh and twelfth governments, along with its great achievements, has weaknesses and shortcomings, which need the help and support of the elites of the country”.

The president noted, “The government has had significant achievements over the past five years. In the recent days, we had a successful visit to the United Nations General Assembly, which turned into a stage for an encounter between Iran and the United States, and there is no one considering the US the winner”.

Dr Rouhani added, “The International Court of Justice’s ruling is also a huge and significant legal and political success that, although the US government is likely to refuse to enforce it, it is, however, a great victory for the Iranian nation that has been able to condemn the United States in an international institution”.

After listening to the views of the political activists taking part at the meeting, the President appreciated them for their concerns and said, "Various issues were raised, many of which were related to the problems that the government is making efforts to eliminate”.

“The new US ruling body is having the illusion that it can bring the Islamic Republic of Iran to its knees, and it has mobilised all its power in this direction,” continued Rouhani.

The president continued, “After beginning its work, the 11th government faced a lot of problems, including the fact that the price of oil fell to about a quarter, but because people had hope, the conditions improved and for the first time in the history, the rate Inflation decreased to a single-digit rate, even earlier than what the government had predicted”. 

“At the beginning of the twelfth government, however, those who had turned a blind eye to the better conditions and the presence of foreign companies for working in Iran, started to exaggerate their withdrawal from the country as a result of US threats, and this had a negative impact on the hope and confidence of the people in the future”.

Stating that, “Today we are in the midst of a full-scale economic war”, Dr Rouhani said, “Some of the attendees at this meeting criticised the government's performance, and other caring people outside of this meeting also criticised every day”.

He said, “I repeat that I do not regard this government as flawless, but we have had great achievements in different fields that should be explained to the people. The same ruling of the ICJ was a great achievement. Dr Mosaddegh stood in the Hague Court against the United Kingdom, and this government stood against the entire America and sanctions imposed on Iran”.

“Today, with the government's wisdom and prudence, we have overcome the great danger, and we must all work together to manage the problems ahead,” he continued.

news id: 106428

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