Iranian, French presidents stress preserving JCPOA, deepening economic, banking ties

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and France met with each other and stressed the importance of safeguarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and development of bilateral, regional and international relations between Tehran and Paris.

Wed 26 - September 2018 - 07:02

President Emmanuel Macron of France and President Hassan Rouhani of the Islamic Republic of Iran met on Tuesday on the sidelines of General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, and discussed development of relations between the two countries in all areas of interest to both.

 They also stressed the need to work hard to develop relations and cooperation between the two countries in various fields, including trade, economy and financial and energy exchanges, emphasising that there are no obstacles on the path of deepening these relations and that the officials of the two countries should work more in this regard.

Dr Rouhani highlighted the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the international agreement of JCPOA against international laws and emphasised the international community's commitment to confronting unilateralism and maintaining the deal.

He also appreciated the condolences and sympathy of the French government and nation with the Iranian people over the Ahwaz terrorist attack, and described terrorism as a major threat to the international community, stressing development of the two countries' relations and cooperation for a comprehensive action against terrorism in the region and the international community.

At the same meeting, Emmanuel Macron offered condolences to the Iranian people on the terrorist attack in Ahwaz and martyrdom of a number of Iranians, highlighting the need to protect the nuclear deal.

The French president also described interaction and dialogue with Iran, as an influential country in the region, adding, “We should work hard to promote our cooperation against terrorism and unilateralism throughout the world”.

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