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President in a meeting with Norwegian PM:

Iran welcomes deepening ties with Norway/We’ll stay in an agreement that our interest protected

In a meeting with the Prime Minister of Norway, President Rouhani said that Iran was willing to develop economic, scientific and technological relations.

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Wed 26 - September 2018 - 05:57

Dr Hassan Rouhani met with Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg on Tuesday in New York, and described US’ withdrawal from the JCPOA unlawful and breach of UNSC resolution, adding, “The current problem is not merely related to Iran and the United States, because the current US administration has violated USNC resolution that was approved with consensus”.

The president stressed, “Security Council resolution 2231 stipulates that all countries should support the provisions of the agreement, and it is very important for the world not to be indifferent to the undermining of the resolution by the United States”. 

Referring to the IAEA's 12 reports, all emphasising Iran's adherence to the provisions of the deal, Dr Rouhani stated, “Iran fully complies with its obligations, but an agreement is mutual, and we will stay in the agreement as long as our interests are guaranteed”. 

The president also emphasised the role of Europe in preserving the deal as the guarantor of peace and security in the world. 

Dr Rouhani also touched upon the tragic situation in Yemen and emphasised that the bombing of Yemen would not be a way for some of the attacking countries to achieve their goals. He also called for helping the Yemeni people and the transfer of medical and food aids to the Yemenis.

The president also referred to Syria and described the cooperation of Iran, Turkey and Russia in Syria and the continuation of the Astana process, saying, “The troops of the three countries are monitoring the reduction of tension and ceasefire between the terrorist groups and the Syrian army, and recently, we took good decisions about preventing the bloodshed in Idlib in a meeting in Tehran”. 

The Norwegian Prime Minister also emphasised that his country was determined to develop its cooperation with Iran, saying, "I hope that we will all be able to use JCPOA as a basis for the development of relations". 

Referring to the withdrawal of Trump administration from the deal, Prime Minister Solberg stated, "For us, preservation of the nuclear deal is important for improving relations, and unfortunately, political issues have damaged this good deal".

"We believe in the IAEA’s reports on Iran's nuclear program, and we are pleased that Iran has fulfilled all its obligations," she said, adding, "We are also looking for action as a member of the European Union to deepen our relations with Iran in spite of US sanctions”.

news id: 106278

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