Cementing Tehran-Kabul ties beneficial for both nations in all stages/Iran wishing better, more developed, safer future for Afghanistan

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran stressed that Iran wishes a better, more developed and safer future for Afghanistan, adding, “Deepening Tehran-Kabul relations is beneficial for both nations in all stages”.

Tue 25 - September 2018 - 02:39

Speaking in a meeting with Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah on Monday on the margins of UNGA in New York, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Security of the countries of the region, including Iran and Afghanistan is interrelated and the presence of foreigners in this region is detrimental to us all”.

The president emphasised economic relations, cooperation in securing the borders and encouraging the private sectors to expand trade relations.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the importance of fighting narcotics and said, "Drugs are a threat to our and your people and all nations of the world and must be fought together as it destroys the future of nations, and a major part of the financing of terrorism comes from drug trafficking”.

The president further criticised the double standard of some Western countries on the issue of terrorism, adding, “After the Islamic Revolution, terrorist activities in Iran were carried out by those who are now present in these Western countries and backed by some countries in the region. 

“These countries, if they are themselves subjected to terrorist attacks, are concerned about terrorism and the fight against it, but they support the terrorists in the countries of our region,” he continued

Pointing out the fact that the two nations of Iran and Afghanistan have always been together in difficult times, Dr Rouhani said, “During the past years, with the sacrifices that the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have made, it has become clear that with perseverance and cooperation, we can inflict significant losses on the terrorists”.

Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah also said in the meeting, “Iran has always stood by Afghanistan in difficult times and has never given up its relations with Afghanistan under the influence of any third country”.

"The goal of the terrorists is to inflict damage and terrorise the entire Afghan nation, and people understand it well," said Abdullah, emphasising the need for all countries to cooperate in the fight against terrorism.

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