Those responsible for catastrophe in Ahwaz foreign mercenaries/We know its perpetrators, instructors, Iran won’t leave it unanswered/Human rights advocates must be accountable

Speaking on Sunday at Mehrabad Airport before leaving for New York to attend the 73rd United Nations General Assembly, Dr Hassan Rouhani told reporters: “This visit is to attend UNGA 73 in New York, and like previous years, this is an opportunity and a public tribune for our country by which the Islamic Republic of Iran can express its opinion on international and regional issues”.

Sun 23 - September 2018 - 09:25

Dr Rouhani said: "Attending at the UN headquarters also provides the opportunity to meet and negotiate with the leaders of many countries, which normally requires a lot of traveling to meet and negotiate with them, or they have to come to Tehran, but New York is a great opportunity for bilateral meetings”.

The president further emphasised the fact that the conditions of today's world are not favourable, saying: “Most importantly, today Americans are bullying the world more than ever and continuing their unilateralist policies. They think that anyone who has the power can make a decision on the basis of force, anyone who has the right to veto can do anything in the Security Council, and anyone who hosts an organisation has the authority over that organisation”.

Dr Rouhani stressed: “US authority in the United Nations should be similar to all other countries, and not more. Unfortunately, the United States is taking advantage of the United Nations to its own benefit”.

The president said: “In my opinion, the current situation and government in the White House is different from other times. Today, there are people in office there who do not respect any international law and treaty, they neither respect their own trade agreements with others, nor the Human Rights Council, and nor the Paris Agreement, violating almost all international rules”.

“Unfortunately, they’ve done things that were less foreseen, like the way they are treating Muslims and the people of Palestine by taking their embassy from Jerusalem to the Holy Quds, or making visas hard for Muslims,” the president added.

Dr Rouhani also said: “Today, the government in the United States is a unilateralist one that is pursuing issues of radical nationalism in the United States. In this regard, I think many countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, have a lot to say”.

Stating that the United States violated one of its commitments which was the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the President continued: “JCPOA was an agreement that was reached between seven countries and it was approved by the United Nations and the Security Council, therefore, it is considered international, but the US withdrew from it under some pretext”.

He also said that the United States is using the United Nations for its own benefits, adding: “Americans will not achieve their goals in Iran and the government is ready to counter any action of the US and the Americans will regret it”.

Stating that those responsible for catastrophe in Ahwaz were foreign mercenaries, the President said: “We know its perpetrators and instructors and, without a doubt, Iran will not leave this bloodshed unanswered”.

“Crimes of criminals doesn’t affect Iranian nation’s resolve and the bloodshed in Ahwaz will receive a response within the framework of the law and interests of our country”.

“Those who advocate human rights in the international stage must be accountable,” continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He described yesterday’s terrorist attack in Ahwaz very tragic and said: “During the Imposed War, the same group with the same names were supporting the aggressors, marking crimes”.

Stating that they departed to Iraq and stayed there under the support of Saddam, the President said: “Until Saddam was live, they were his mercenaries and after him, they changed their masters and a country in the southern part of the Persian Gulf took over their financial, weapon and political affairs”.

He then went on to refer to the 8-year war with Iraq and the resistance of the people in Ahwaz, saying: “In Khuzestan and Ahwaz, we have brave people including Persian, Arab and Bakhtiari people who have made sacrifices both during the war and after it for the progress of the country and we are tremendously sorry that these great, brave people are mourning their family members’ deaths”.

Without a doubt, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not leave this crime unanswered, said Dr Rouhani, adding: “It is completely clear for us who did this and what group they are and to whom they are affiliated”.

Saying that those who are repeatedly claiming to advocate human rights in the world must be accountable towards these crimes, he continued: “It is America who supports these little mercenary countries in the region. It is Americans who are provoking them. It is Americans who provide them with their required necessities to perpetrate such crimes”.

“Americans will never achieve their goals in Iran towards the Iranian nation and the government is ready to counter any action by the US and the Americans will regret this,” continued the President.

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