Imam Hussein (AS) permanent victor in history/Today, we’re at clear war against historic aggressors/Except handful of countries nobody with US/Ashura; our people’s model against enemies’ economic war/Some spread pessimism virus in speech, podiums, media

President expressed condolences over the advent of Imam Hussein’s (AS) mourning anniversary, stressing: “Today is the day of loyalty and following the path of Abolfazl (AS), backing the political system and standing against enemies”.

Wed 12 - September 2018 - 13:07

Speaking at the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said: “Muharram has always been reminiscent of the devotion and self-sacrifice of Imam Hussein and his loyal companions”.

“This lasting page of the history teaches us every year how to overcome great issues that the Islamic society and Muslims face,” he continued.

The President also said: “Imam Hussein (AS) is the permanent victor in history and there is nobody in the history judging what happened in Ashura and Karbala and not knowing Imam Hussein (AS) the absolute victor”.

Stating that today, the scenes of Ashura can be outlined, Dr Rouhani said: “Today, we are at a clear war against the aggressors of history. Today, a group are lining up against the Iranian nation and don’t have any political and intellectual supporter except a few countries”.

Referring to the current state of affairs in the United States, he continued: “Today is one of the worst times in the history of the US. Today, there are few researchers, intellectual and experts in the US who agree with those who sit at the White House”.

“Today, the allies of America are not supporting them politically and even America’s traditional allies have distanced from this country and they are proud of this distance, while once they were proud of being with the US,” the President continued.

He also went on to say: “Today, the US is in the worst conditions in the world and even international organisations like UNESCO, UN, IAEA and ICC do not agree with US policies”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: “Despite facing unwelcome economic war and individuals who do not respect any international law, the spirit of steadfastness of the Iranian nation, especially in Muharram daysو is exemplary”.

“Today, there is no good higher than giving people hope in the path of steadfastness and no wrong higher than creating fear and apprehension in people’s hearts,” added Rouhani.

The President continued: “Today, those who have a tribune, the media and those whose voice is heard throughout the country have a very heavy responsibility, because today, we are at a great test and all media and authorities and those who have power should help the great Iranian nation”.

Definitely, the Iranian nation will be the victor of this scene, said Rouhani adding: “If we stand and give people spirits, it means that we have decreased their expenses, but if we promote fear, apprehension and despair, we have increased people’s expenses”.

“Of course, people will have problems in this war, because it’s not possible for a war to not have any casualty, but this is a war that we will certainly win and we will defeat the enemies,” added the President.

He went on to criticise not telling people the truth, saying: “If we calculate our GDP based on people’s purchasing power or the value of the market, import of goods and services that rely on foreign currency are very few, based on some calculations, about 5 per cent and based on some others who don’t take into account the value and the purchasing power in their models, about 10 per cent”.

“We have a long time left until the elections. No one should think that defamation of the government can create votes for them in the next year's and 1400 elections, and the Iranian nation will judge them, and after passing through this test, their words, behaviour, and sentences will remain in history, and people will judge how they behaved in hard times to reduce or increase people’s problems,” he continued.

The President also referred to Supreme Leader’s remarks describing such a behaviour as the virus of pessimism, adding: “Some are spreading the virus of pessimism in the country through their speeches, tribunes and media”.

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