Muharram brings message of steadfastness, inspiring overcoming hardships/Executive system working hard to solve people’s issues/Academics have a key role in promoting people’s spirits

President described Muharram as a month that brings the message of righteous steadfastness, adding: “This month is a great inspiration source within the framework of cultural needs of the society and overcoming hardships”.

Tue 11 - September 2018 - 21:45

Speaking at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution on Tuesday evening, President Hassan Rouhani also referred to Imam Khomeini’s message in Muharram, saying: “The message of the late Imam Khomeini gave a new spirit to the speakers at Imam Hussein’s mourning ceremony that led to the victory of the Islamic Movement”.

“All freedom-seekers and Muslims around the world are affected by the rare incident of Karbala and the world respects the greatness and causes of Karbala martyrs,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also stressed: “The Ashura event proved that the essence of real believers shows itself during hard, historic tests”.

He then mentioned the enemies’ plots to attack the economy of the country and create problems for people’s lives, adding: “With the brave, wise Leader and devoted, determined people, we will overcome these issues, but all authorities and media are being tested”.

The President went on to indicate the increase in exports and decrease in imports in the last 6 months, saying: “The people and the government are standing together and the executive system is working with all its power to solve people’s problems”.

The Head of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution also referred to the key role of academics in creating spirits and giving people hopes.

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