Trust between the two gov’ts for cementing bilateral, regional, int’l ties unprecedented/ Tripartite summit of Iran, Russia, Turkey a good model for resolving regional issues

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation met on the margins of the Tehran Tripartite Summit and emphasised development and deepening of bilateral, regional and international relations between Tehran and Moscow.

Fri 07 - September 2018 - 21:20

President Hassan Rouhani met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Friday evening and referred to the growing relations between the two countries, especially in the recent years, adding: “Fortunately, relations and cooperation between Iran and Russia are towards strategic relations between the two countries and today, the trust between the two governments for cementing bilateral, regional and international ties is unprecedented in history of ties”.

President also expressed satisfaction with the successful holding of Tehran Tripartite Summit in continuation of the Astana Process on the Syrian crisis, saying: "Perhaps few years ago, no politician believed that these three countries would be able to play an effective role in such a regional disaster”.

"The effects of the Syrian crisis are unfortunate for all, but Iran-Russia cooperation with the Syrian people, army and government is important in the fight against terrorism," said Dr Rouhani, saying that the tripartite talks between Iran, Russia and Turkey could be a good way to resolve other regional problems and problems.

The president continued: “Iran-Russia cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the defeat of the largest and most dangerous terrorist group was not only in the interest of the Syrian people but also in favour of the nations throughout the world”.

Praising the role of Russia in striking the nuclear deal and its stability, as well as the parties' commitment to its implementation, Dr Rouhani said: “Despite the illegal and unilateral withdrawal of the United States, we hope that the other parties will firmly and effectively support the deal and fulfil their commitments”.

"The development of banking and brokerage relations between Iran and Russia will play an important role in deepening bilateral trade and economic relations," the president said, adding that we should take advantage of the new opportunities for developing partnerships and promoting multilateralism.

Dr Rouhani also emphasised the efforts of the two countries' officials to accelerate the implementation of the agreements and to develop cooperation in various sectors, including energy, joint investment in the construction of power plants and railways, and infrastructure projects, and economic and scientific and technological fields.

Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, also appreciated the hospitality of the Islamic Republic and the holding of the tripartite summit of Tehran and described Tehran-Moscow relations and cooperation in various sectors positive.

Pointing out that Iran-Russia relations are developing in various sectors, the Russian president stressed the importance of developing economic relations between the two countries and emphasised the necessity of the efforts of the two countries' officials in this regard.

Putin said: “Russia is ready to cooperate with the Iranian side in the construction of the North-South Corridor project,” referring to the existing potentials for development of cooperation between Iran and Russia in various commercial, economic, agricultural, energy, nuclear and infrastructure sectors.

Emphasising the need to maintain and sustain the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and commitment of the parties on their commitments, the Russian president added: “Russia is seeking consultations with the parties to the JCPOA to find ways to maintain and develop economic relations with Iran within the framework of the nuclear deal, and these talks will continue on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly”.

Referring to the necessity of developing cooperation between the two countries and carrying out trade with the use of national currency, he said: “Russian companies will not give up on investment in Iranian projects”.

Putin also referred to the positive role of Iran and Russia in resolving the Syrian crisis, saying: “Gradually, with the elimination of terrorist threats in Syria, the issue of political settlement of the crisis is on the agenda”.

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