Oil industry took big step for Iran’s pride, production, employment/Enemies not able to stop Iranian nation’s progress/Taking us to before 1979 an impossible wish/Any project beginning means being revolutionary/Preserving environment a priority for energy projects

Speaking in a ceremony for opening Marjan, Damavand and Pardis petrochemical projects, President said: “Start of operation of 3 enormous petrochemical projects in one day proves that we will overcome all problems and the enemies will not be able to stop the Iranian nation’s path of progress”.

Tue 04 - September 2018 - 12:52

 “The enemies are making problems for the people but they can never dominate Iran and Iranians and taking us back to the times of before 1979 is a wish that will never come true,” said Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday in Assalouyeh.

He added: “Putting these projects into operation is a great step towards employment for the young, self-sufficiency, Economy of Resistance and bringing more currency into the country”.

Dr Rouhani also said: “For over a hundred years, the oil industry has had effects on major political developments in Iran in addition to oil production and the role of those working in the oil industry is obvious in many major and great incidents in the country”.

Stating that during the Holy Defence era the people would have problems covering their energy needs if it were not for hard-working workers of this industry, the President added: “All oil industry workers and engineers would immediately rush to repair the damages”.

He also said that a new stage of enemies’ conspiracies has started, saying: “Those who wanted to prevent us from being victorious in the revolution and the 8-year Holy Defence with no avail, have started hatching new plots against the greatness of the Iranian nation”.

“They make problems for us with every conspiracy but they will not be able to stop the Iranian nation from hard work and progress. This is not possible,” he continued.

The President said: “Some of the projects that were opened today were launched during the time when we were under sanctions, and today, when the enemy is considering new sanctions, the projects started operation”.

Stating that the enemies will be successful only when our hope and progress stops, he said: “If our work and effort continue, the enemies will definitely be unsuccessful. Today, people are facing new problems, but they will never be successful in achieving their goals”.

The enemies are saying that they do not accept a proud and independent Iran which is effective in the region, Dr Rouhani added, saying: “They are saying that they want an Iran that chooses its path upon their will and that they want to regain their dominance on Iran, but this goal cannot be achieved”.

“They want to take us back to 40 years ago and make us surrender and say that we made a mistake in wanting to be independent and stand on our own feet. This wish of the enemy will never come true,” the President continued.

Referring to Marjan, Damavand and Pardis petrochemical projects, Dr Rouhani added: “These projects create 1300 direct jobs and many indirect jobs. This means that we are working towards employment and production”.

“Any project that is launched and put into operation means being revolutionary and working hard for the dignity and pride of the Iranian nation,” added Rouhani.

He also stated that opening 3 major projects in the times when the enemies are trying to put pressure on the Iranian nation, adding: “This means victory against the enemies’ plots”.

The President went on to described oil, gas and petrochemicals a very important and effective industry, saying: “Being able to stand on our own feet in the field of energy and supply our own oil and gas is very important”.

Referring to self-sufficiency in diesel and gas production and, in the near future, petrol, Dr Rouhani added: “Achieving this goal is possible through attracting domestic and foreign investment”.

 He also appreciated all those working in the oil industry and said: “In these recent years, we have achieved many things in defending our rights in the OPEC”.

“Today is the day of psychological and economic war against the Iranian nation and at the forefront of this war, there are sectors that are carrying the burden of the economy of the country, the oil, gas and petrochemical industry being important parts of them”.

President Rouhani went on to refer to the importance of environmental issues, and said: “Preserving the environment is a very important priority for energy projects”.

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