Supreme Leader’s guidelines show path to gov’t/Advising cabinet members to boost efforts in full implementation of Supreme Leader’s guidelines/Appreciating sport ministry, Olympic committee, athlete, coaches’ valuable work

Speaking in a cabinet meeting on Sunday evening, President appreciated Supreme Leader’s remarks and guidelines in the meeting with the cabinet and described the guidelines as showing the path to the government.

Sun 02 - September 2018 - 21:12

Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to Supreme Leader’s remarks that the government is at the forefront of resolving issues and problems, and described his advice to everybody to help the government a valuable support.

He also reiterated Supreme Leader’s emphasis on increasing communication between the three branches for synergy and more coordination to take the best advantage of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination and described his support and guidelines a very good help for management of the country’s economy.

Dr Rouhani went on to advise the members of the cabinet to boost their efforts in full implementation of Supreme Leader’s guidelines and said: “It is imperative to act in a way that after a short time span, we can present a report to him on what we have done in this regard”.

The President also described Supreme Leader’s guidelines in economic management of the country, including increased privatisation and full support of the private sector, banking system reform and management of liquidity, as well as development of regional cooperation and more contact with neighbours key priorities of the government.

At the end of his speech, the President also appreciated the hard work of Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, National Olympic Committee, athletes and their coaches for their invaluable victories and achievements, and put special emphasis on female athletes’ active presence in the Asian games.

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