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President at the meeting of cabinet with Supreme Leader:

All villages over 10 families have electricity/Natural gas production in South Pars boost 90%/Self-sufficiency in gas, diesel production; we’ll be self-sufficient in petrol production by year end/Americans want to come back to Iran once again, but our people won’t ever accept this

Speaking at the meeting of the cabinet members with the Supreme Leader on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani reported on the government’s plans and work, saying: “All the government has been trying to do is to drive the country towards the desired point and, in the past five years, good achievements have been made like reduction of inflation, economic growth, and increase in gross national income”.

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He also referred to services provided to people living in villages, saying: “All villages home to over 10 families are now enjoying electricity and many of these villages have joined the national gas and communications system”.

The President went on to refer to the efforts carried out in the field of agriculture, including self-sufficiency in wheat and sugar production, and added: “Our farmers’ income, both in crops production and better prices, has become better, and we have witnessed increase in the production of many agricultural products”.

Natural gas production in South Pars Gas Field has increased by 90 per cent, said Rouhani, adding: “Our country is now self-sufficient in gas and diesel production and we are able to be self-sufficient in petrol production be the end of the current year”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned renewal of the transportation fleet and the two-fold increase in non-oil exports of the country, continuing: “Although we have faced problems in the recent months, especially in the currency market, we will overcome these problems as we have in the past”.

He went on to refer to US sanctions and said: “In the current situation, we have no political solution ahead of us, because the government that has imposed sanctions on Iran against all international regulations is not committed to anything”.

Above economic pressures, the Americans have aimed at coming back to Iran once again and dominate our country, said the President, adding: “They want to undermine Iran’s independence once again and dominate the people of Iran, but our nation will never accept such a thing and will demonstrate this by resisting”.

“The entire Iranian nation will follow the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and will never let enemies plots to be successful,” Dr Rouhani continued.

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