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President at Defence Industry Day ceremony:

Iran’s defence readiness not warmongering, but peace-seeking/Lack of defensive power a green light to enemies/We’re all responsible to protect Iranian nation’s security, power, dignity with lowest price/Iran’s defence nature popular

President Rouhani described Iran’s defence readiness not meaning warmongering, but seeking sustainable peace and said: “Lack of defensive power means a green light to enemies and we are all responsible to protect Iranian nation’s security, power and dignity with the lowest price possible”.

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Tue 21 - August 2018 - 11:30

Speaking at the ceremony of Defence Industry Day on Tuesday morning, President Hassan Rouhani said, “We are the people of peace and cooperation”, adding: “Discipline, training, faith and readiness of the armed forces must be at a level that enemies would not dare to commit any act of aggression”.

“Holding of Defence Industry Day in August of every year is very important because everybody can see the one-year achievements of the researchers in the defence industry,” added the President.

He also said: “History tells us that if we are not powerful and don’t follow our goals firmly, there are other than will defeat us”.

Stating that one cannot make sure that all human beings walk in the right path, Dr Rouhani added: “In addition to being in a critical geographical region, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been subject to Iranophobia during the past 40 years”.

He also said that in the past 40 years, Iran has proved that it is not seeking to exercise any act of aggression against any country, adding: “In critical points, Iran chose to help its neighbouring countries instead of invading them. For example, we have hosted many Iraqi and Kuwaiti refugees during Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait”.

“The Iranians have always sought to have peaceful coexistence and interaction with other countries. In the recent years that terrorism had spread through the region, although it was not apparently a threat to Iran, but the Islamic Republic of Iran voluntarily rushed to help the people of the region and had an effective role in clearing the countries of the region of terrorists”.

Emphasising that Iran must reinforce its defence powers to defend the country from those who look at this land’s resources and geographical position with greedy eyes, the President added: “Our readiness is not readiness for war, but readiness for creating and protecting sustainable peace”.

“When we say the Iranian nation is ready to bravely defend itself, it means that it wants to protect sustainable peace. Lack of sufficient readiness and capability means welcoming war, but increasing defence power means seeking peace,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said: “All we are trying to do; all we are spending on our country’s defence power is to prevent any war and costly acts of aggression imposed on our country”.

“Today, some countries near us are apparently trying to protect their security. They are doing this in a very costly way, they are buying weapons with the highest prices possible and yet they cannot use them efficiently. So to used them, they have to hire foreign counsellors,” he continued.

Stating that keeping one’s dignity has a price, and it is a skill to be able to protect our country’s interests with the lowest price and best way possible, the President continued: “One of the advantages of our country’s armed forces is that there is no gap between them and people and our armed forces are popular”.

“The greatest and main burden of the armed forces of our country is on the shoulders of the popular forces, which consists of soldiers; and on the other hand, we also have a force called Basij, which, as a great power, both empowers the popular part of the armed forces and has connected people with the armed forces”.

He also described the main factor of the country’s success in the Holy Defence era as everybody standing together, and said: “I want the Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics and all authorities to promote competition in what other sectors can create”.

Referring to Kowsar fighter jet, parts of which have been produced in the country, he said: “This indicates our capabilities in this sector and it is a valuable and satisfying move”.

 “Today, the issue is not that Iran does not trust the United States, which is certainly the case, but rather Europe, China and even US allies like Canada do not trust US administration,” he continued.

President Rouhani also said: “Because it thinks that Iran, Turkey and China each have weak points, the US is waging economic wars against them and we must attempt to fix our weak points”.

Raising the question of why doesn’t the US attack Iran, he said: “This is not because the US cares about people being killed, but it’s because of Iran’s power and it knows that consequences and prices will a war have”.

“Today, the situation in the US is that their congress, which has always shown animosity with Iran, has passed an act by which the US administration does not have the right to wage a military war against Iran because of the unreliability of the current president of the country, despite imposing sanctions on Iran,” he continued.

news id: 105785

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