Let's promote Tehran-Hanoi ties/Stressing need to deepen private sectors' relations

Stating that Iranian and Vietnamese nations enjoy deep cultural and spiritual relations, President said: "Relations between the two countries have enjoyed a very good development in recent years and we must further deepen Tehran-Hanoi relations".

Tue 31 - July 2018 - 13:40

Speaking in a meeting with Vietnamese Ambassador to Iran Nguyen Manh Hien on Tuesday while receiving his letter of credence, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: "The two countries enjoy a myriad of opportunities to supply each other's needs and good steps can be taken to serve the two nations".

On better banking relations, he said: "We hope to see good developments in banking relations between the two countries and deepening of Tehran-Hanoi economic cooperation".

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is completely ready to cement economic, political and cultural relations between the two countries," continued Rouhani.

"The Iranian nation considers the Vietnamese as a lively, resistant and persistent in defending their land and good cultural and spiritual relations exist between the two nations, which is a good opportunity to further deepen these ties," he said.

Dr Rouhani also stressed better relations between the private sectors of the two countries and said: "Without a doubt, such cooperation can have a lot of benefits for the two nations".

At the same meeting, Vietnamese Ambassador to Iran Nguyen Manh Hien presented his letter of credence to Dr Rouhani and said: "I will do my best to further develop cooperation between the two countries' various fields".

"The Vietnamese Prime Minister has called on our companies that are active in economic fields to cement their relations with Iran," he continued.

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