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President in a phone call with German Chancellor:

We expected a clear, straightforward package from 3 European countries/If we have hope of future, we’ll continue cooperation with Europe

President described the package proposed by the three European countries on the nuclear deal disappointing and said: “If the process of European foreign ministers’ meeting in Vienna, which is aimed at encouraging Iran to cooperate, is promising, we will continue our cooperation with Europe”.

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Thu 05 - July 2018 - 23:09

Speaking with the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel by telephone on Thursday, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to US’ unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA and the limited opportunity that Europe has to explicitly and clearly voice its stances on how to continue the deal, and said: “After US’ withdrawal from the JCPOA, economic issues and problems in banking relations and oil have been created and companies that have invested in Iran are sceptical about continuing their activities in Iran”.

He also referred to the package proposed by the three European countries on how they are going to live up to their commitments and cooperation under the JCPOA as “disappointing”, he said: “Unfortunately the proposed package lacked operational solution and specific method for cooperation, and featured just a set of general commitments like the previous statements by the European Union”.

Stating that the JCPOA was a mutual commitment and after about two months’ wait, we expected a clear programme from the three European countries, Dr Rouhani expressed hope that tomorrow’s meeting of five European countries’ foreign ministers in Vienna delivers a clear, straightforward and promising message for continuation of the JCPOA”.

At the same phone call, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that in the package proposed to Iran, general and basic issues were mentioned and dialogue has to continue on details, saying: “What is important is that we know and we are certain that we want to stay in the deal and we believe that dialogue should continue in peace”.

news id: 105222

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