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President in a meeting with Iranians living in Austria:

Nobody can take away love of Iran from Iranians' heart/US gov't aimed at isolating Iranians but it's going to pay a high price/US gov't actions against Iran, all Iranians/We'll continue our path of progress with or without nuclear deal

Stating that "Nobody can take away the love of Iran from Iranians' heart," President said: "US administration's actions is against Iran and entire Iranians and Americans are angry that two important European governments welcome the Iranian President".

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Wed 04 - July 2018 - 08:55

Speaking on Tuesday in Vienna in a cordial meeting with Iranians living in Austria, President Hassan Rouhani said: "The goal of the US administration is to isolate the Iranian nation, but it will pay a high price and this is the first time that the Americans are hatching plots against the Iranians and nobody except for a small country supports them".

He also added: "Our fellow Iranians living outside the country make Iran pride," saying: "We have always had good relations with some countries including Switzerland and Austria and these relations will become stronger".

"The new US officials have the spirit of racism, they consider themselves better than everybody and are not committed to global rules and regulations," continued Rouhani.

He also went on to say: "The International Atomic Energy Organisation (IAEA) has repeatedly confirmed Iran's commitment to its obligations and the world knows who the untrustworthy is".

Stating that "Those in the White House have the spirit of bullying towards the entire world," the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: "Our current conditions in the world public opinions and politics is better than ever".

Referring to the Iran-Iraq war, the President said: "We were alone in the Imposed War and we were victorious; today many countries are saying that they will stand by Iran".

"During the time of the Imposed War, the East and the West supported the aggressor but the Irnaian nation defeated them," he continued.

"During the past 5 years, we have been on the path of progress," said Dr Rouhani, adding: "We have become self-sufficient in producing many items and we brought people closer together by increased access to the cyberspace".

He continued: "Despite all pressures, the Iranian nation is managing the country well".

He also went on to say: "Enemies want to bring down bridges and build walls instead but the Iranians living inside and outside the country will not let such a thing happen".

"They have started a psychological war but the reality is something else," continued Rouhani, adding: "The more they put pressure on countries, the more we must be active".

He added: "Let enemies know that we have good experience in making opportunity out of threats. If united, our people will turn foreign pressure into opportunity".

Saying that "The current clarity and transparency in Iran is unprecedented in the country's history," the President continued: "People must know who gets dollars from the government by the official rate and places orders".

"We will develop our relations with countries with which we have history of friendship," added the President, saying: "We have historic, amicable relations with Austria and they were an effective host for the nuclear talks".

He continued: "Swiss and Austrian companies welcoming cooperation with Iran is remarkable".

He also went on to say: "The foreign policy of the 11th government was fighting with the conspiracy of Iranophobia".

"US administration's actions is against Iran and entire Iranians and Americans are angry that two important European governments welcome the Iranian President," continued Rouhani.

news id: 105153

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