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President at the opening ceremony of Phase 2 of Setareh Khalije Fars Refinery:

We must turn enemies’ threat into opportunity/We’ll surely beat enemies with patience, resistance/We’re united nation/Time for test; instead of filling warehouses, market must become colourful

President Rouhani said that “we are proud of all our young people, engineers and workers,” adding: “We have to turn the enemies’ threat into opportunity and by adding to their costs, they will surrender to the Iranian nation in a short time”.

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Thu 28 - June 2018 - 14:17

Speaking on Thursday at the opening ceremony of Phase 2 of Setareh Khalije Fars Refinery, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: “Every phase of Setareh Khalije Fars Refinery produces 12 million litres of petrol and I hope we can open Phase 3 by the winter of this year”.

Stating that “People of Hormozgan province are brave border guards of our Islamic Iran,” he added: “The location of Hormozgan province in transportation, energy and steel is excellent”.

“Regarding water, we are in hard conditions and must pay more attention to the coast instead of sky,” Dr Rouhani continued, saying: “A nation’s pride and prosperity will be proved to the world in hard times”.

He also said: “A country that gives in to foreigners and superpowers’ threats, humiliates its own people,” adding: “We are proud that we are legitimate because of people’s votes”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: “If we stand together, we will pass the new divine test”.

Emphasising that we must do something to defeat the enemies, he said: “Today, we are dealing with a bunch of bullying people who have miscalculations towards the entire world, including Iran, while we may thing that they are only opposed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but we can see that they treat this way in China, Europe and other parts of the world”.

“In fact, people have assumed office that don’t feel committed to anything and don’t care about any treaty,” he continued.

“We are dealing with a person who separates children from their mothers and is anti-Islam and anti-Muslim and all he’s proud of is putting up a wall between countries and neighbours, and today, half of Americans are ashamed of their government and if we carry out a survey, we will see that they are dissatisfied with this government and the White House”.

Pointing out that today, there is a wide gap between the United States and its closest allies like Canada, Mexico and the European Union, the President added: “They hold a long-term grudge against us, in a way that an official in the current administration says that they have to cut down the Iranian nation”.

“The best model of standing up to pressure and defamation is Martyr Beheshti,” he continued, adding: “Beheshti was informed, oppressed and sympathetic towards people”.

Stating that “In hard times, we must exhibit our unity and integrity to the enemies,” the President said: “In the past 5 years, our petrol production has increased 45 per cent”.

Dr Rouhani continued: “We are proud of all our young people, engineers and workers,” adding: “With these powerful young people and engineers, why are some promoting despair in the society?”.

“Euro 5 petrol production has increased 13 times,” said Rouhani adding: “We have turned into a diesel exporter instead of importing it; mustn’t we be proud?”.

He also went on to say: “Each phase of Setareh Khalije Fars Refinery is capable of producing 12 million litres of petrol”.

Saying that “Efficiency in consumption and saving fuel and petrol must be a priority for us,” the President continued: “In addition to petrol production, the environment and people’s health is important”.

“Make profitable economic sectors popular and taken them to the stock exchange,” said Rouhani, adding: “Oil ministry is very powerful in attracting public investment and is trusted by people”.

He also pointed out: “The greatest thing that organs can do is to engage people and attract their capital to the production sector”.

news id: 105016

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