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President at SCCR session:

People did their political, religious duty on Quds Day/Sport victories foster national pride, solidarity, social vitality/More unity helps us overcome problems/Late Dr Ahmadi source of lasting scientific, cultural services

President chaired the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and said: “In addition to clearing their souls, people carried out their religious and cultural duty on Quds Day”.

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Tue 19 - June 2018 - 19:35

Speaking on Tuesday at SCCR session, Dr Hassan Rouhani described sport victories as fostering national pride, solidarity and social vitality and said: “The victory of the national football team in their first 2018 World Cup match, which coincided with Eid al-Fitr, doubled people’s vitality and happiness”.

He continued: “Sport is a symbol of national solidarity and Iranians showed that they love their country and praise anybody who promotes the name of Iran in international stages”.

On enemies’ efforts to undermine people’s trust in authorities and kill their hopes of future, the President added: “In the past 40 year, people and authorities have stood by each other in hard times and today, if we are more united, we will overcome these problems easier”.

He went on to wish mercy and ample blessings for Hojjatoleslam val-Moslemin Dr Ahmadi and appreciated his services, saying: “He was always respected by the society as a scientific, revolutionary and cultural figure. He had a valuable role in the seminary and university and trained distinguished students”.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution also appreciated former heads of Majlis committees and welcomed the new members.

news id: 104915

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